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Sparkle Cards

In which leftover confetti and a brand new set of colored ink pens meet an urgent need for some nice “Thank You” cards.

dscn2740 dscn2741 dscn2744

I think I’m going to have to make more of these.

Something Old, Something New

Let’s start with the new, shall we? Everyone likes to see pictures of new things.

I recently participated in a trade with a local dyer. MamaJude does simply beautiful work with plant dyes and can also dye cotton. I cannot dye cotton, so we worked out a swap where she would acquire a couple skeins of cotton boucle from me, and I would receive some indigo batts from her.

The batts arrived a few days ago, and they are gorgeous! There are six of them total. I haven’t weighed them, but I’m guessing the batch is in the six-to-eight ounces category. Here’s the best picture I could nab of one in the fading afternoon light.

I keep thinking that I should mix these with some of the lovely soysilk I have stashed away and make something large. But they’re so light and fluffy, I’m wondering if I could find a light spring/early autumn top or cardigan pattern. That might do them more justice. Whatever I decide on, it’s going to have to wait awhile. I’ve got two or three other spinning jobs lined up, plus the BFL lace I’m finishing up now.

Socks and Spinning

The alpaca socks are done! And, amazingly enough, I discovered that it’s been over a year since I began them. Yep. I started them in January of last year. If you want to follow along with the knitting saga take a look a these posts from February 19th, 2010 and January 19th, 2011.

Oh, and to make things even better, somehow, someway I ended up knitting one sock on size ones, and the other on size twos. No, I’m not ripping it back and starting over. They both stay on my feet, and the difference isn’t too huge unless you notice that one is an inch or so shorter than the other. A good reason to not repeat the “it takes a year to finish these” method.

About the same time I finished those up, I finished spinning the singles for my “Violet, You’re Turning Violet.” Hurrah! A lovely bluefaced leicester and silk blend. I’m thinking it will turn out as a DK or light worsted weight. Two ply.

While I was photographing the singles, I started playing around with a clock key and wound up with this photo. (No pun intended.) The colors are slightly off, but I like the feel of the picture.

From A Place Other Than My Desk

Hello! I’m writing this from a hotel in Arkansas and trying to get used to the keyboard on a borrowed laptop. No, nothing drastic just happened in my life. I’m on my way back home after a lovely visit in Texas.

Of course a yarn store stop was involved in the trip, and it dawned on me there that I hadn’t blogged for quite some time. Therefore, I am taking the necessary steps to share some of the neat things that have happened lately.

First off, the new purchases, because everybody likes seeing shiny new yarn. Three balls of Jo Sharp wool. They’re not amazingly soft, but I really like the colors and the subtle sheen.

Believe it or not, I actually wound up starting a project with them at least four times. Quite probably five or six. This is what happens when I don’t have a pattern and keep changing my mind twelve rows into a scarf. First it was going to be stripey stockinette, then it was going to have purl diamonds to keep it from curling, then cables, then twists with ribbing, then cables and twists but no ribbing . . . you get the idea. I really think I should find a pattern as soon as possible, otherwise it will become the knitting equivalent of trying to rhyme with orange. It just doesn’t work.

Project Review

I realized I’ve been leaving you in suspense over my purple sweater! It did get finished, and I literally had to take it to Colorado unblocked and block it in a friend’s washing machine, but it got finished. I wore it a lot and really, really enjoyed it. Several people commented on it (in a good way). Yay! The photo, or rather a piece of the photo, I snagged from a friend’s picture of the trip. We were playing an acting game called Freeze.

Back In The Spin

My spinning has finally picked up again, and I’ve had a few minor victories that put me well on the road to happy spinning again.

I finished the silk laceweight for my sister.

And, while I was at it, I almost finished up the Willow fingering weight. (That’s due to be finished as soon as possible so I can dive into some lovely merino.)

Under Certain Circumstances

So, yes, I did say I wasn’t going to buy any more fiber until I’d made a significant dent in what I already had. (And I can already hear you chuckling to yourself.)
But, there are certain circumstances that are just plain not worth resisting. And in this case, it was because I had never heard of nor seen this particular kind of fiber before. Well, that, and because it was shiny.

This is called banana silk. It’s derived from the leaves of banana trees, so it’s a plant-based fiber, and you can see how shiny it is in the pictures. I’d heard of yarn that had banana fiber in it, but it had never registered in my noggin that that would mean there was banana spinning fiber floating around somewhere to be pounced on.

From Cowl To Tam

I bound off my navy cowl! And promptly discovered that it was bigger around than I thought it was, which means I probably should have gone ahead and used the second ball of yarn in it.

It’s hard to tell how big something will be when it’s scrunched up on circulars. And, of course, doing a stitch count and the necessary math would have just been overkill.

So, now it’s big enough to go up over my head like most enormous cowls (instead of the neckwarmer I thought it would be) but it’s not wide enough to do more than make a feint at keeping the top of my head warm. Perhaps I can knit the second ball into a similar size, then graft them together down the middle. I’m also hoping that the minor stretch job I gave it while blocking will help it expand.

Merry Christmas!

Hello, everyone. I’m having a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you are too. And, while I didn’t receive any fiber-related gifts, I do have a couple of odds and ends to blog about.

First off, Nessie is done. Eyes and all. The pattern called for brown eyes, but I happened to be working with some navy yarn at the time so I just snitched a bit of it from the too-long tail of the work in progress. The recipient’s eyes are blue, so it works.

Second, I give a public thank-you to God for His blessings to me through yarn and fiber sales on Etsy. A month or so ago I was seriously thinking about pulling the plug on the whole thing, but He has sent me enough sales to make continuing worthwhile. I’m very excited about next year. I’ve got all sorts of ideas for new products, and a couple of marketing ideas as well. Look out, you may be seeing my shop on Ravelry sometime soon!

Third, I’m starting my New Year’s Dash tomorrow. Or at least, I’ll be preparing for my New Year’s Dash tomorrow. I’ll probably spend the better part of the day working on something completely non-fiber related, but I will take time to rummage through my fiber stash and see what will make the cut. I was given my favorite recording of The Wind in the Willows today, and I plan to listen to it once I get spinning.

Finally Finished

A fair portion to report on the knitting front today. I’ve finally finished that green/white dishrag that was laying about. My edging got off a bit, but that’s okay. It’s a dishrag. And it might not even make it to a dishrag. It might become a dye-rag. One never knows.


And I finished my socks! A little more exciting, definitely. They were laying about almost finished for quite a bit – I still had to weave in those pesky ends. This is the one problem with knitting and crocheting that consistently irritates me. You finally finish and suddenly there’s one more thing to do.

Anyhow, I wanted to wear them a couple of days ago, so, amazingly enough, they were finished in record time! I am not the sort of person who will wear socks with strings hanging from them in public. At home, yes. At Walmart, no.