Snippets from My Trip Before The Trip

Alrighty, so, I’ve finally had a week or two to mentally recover. My babysitting trip in July (ten days, four kids, and thankfully an amazing lady to work with) was good, but very physically taxing. I’m just plain not used to getting up at seven-thirty and working with children all day. And I really used to think I’d never see the day when I’d be crashing into bed as early as. . . nine. O.O Who are you and what have you done with myself?


I took along a new knitting project – two color toe-ups – and maybe knit six or seven rounds max. Yes. That’s all. Like I said, I was helping watch four young children. You don’t just hunker down with two balls of yarn, pointy sticks, and colorwork. Even if it just stripes. Maybe some of you are amazing and incredible and somehow someway manage to knit fair isle lace from a chart while running a daycare center (even with the exaggeration, I’m fully ready to pass out in awe), but not this girl. It only came out during nap time or once everyone was in bed. The rest of the time it hid, trembling, in my big bag on the pantry shelf. Out of reach of the two under-five year olds, and the eight-month old Boxer puppy. Safety first, you know.

I’m actually pleased with how the sock is turning out, especially the colors. When I picked the two balls of stash yarn – orange and green – I stared blankly at them for a bit, trying to figure out what I’d call them. Ravelry has changed my knitting to that extent – I must have an inventive, fun name for the project, otherwise it’s no fun. “Peas and Carrots” came to mind, as well as something of a “Pumpkin” nature, but I decided those were a little too tame. Then, keeping in mind the fall-ish tones of the colorwork, I came up with something that suited me fine. These will be my “Bushwhacked Chrysanthemum” socks, and they will be amazing.

I have grand ideas for fun and decorative additions, but first I have to knit the silly things. Perhaps I’ll take them along to Colorado. The trip on which I am leave in just a few days. (Yeah, I’m still trying not to panic over the seeming lack of time.) It’ll be a great trip, and I’m trusting that God is going to work everything out in His perfect timing. =)

But, back to the babysitting trip, I may have developed a thrift store craving. On our way back, the H, (the lady I was co-babysitting with) and I stopped at a higher end thrift store. This was a first for me, and I had little idea what to expect. What I found was lots of nice stuff – at ridiculously low prices. SHOPPING OVERLOAD!!!!

Thankfully I had a very strict budget, so I left the amazing black and lavender dress boots (only ten dollars!) and the nine dollar coffee table (where would I put the thing anyway?) and only succumbed to these little charmers.


In buying these I developed a new philosophy. There are so many give-away and throw-away mugs in this world – if I see one I like, I’d better buy it. If it’s reasonably priced. Otherwise I’d be toast.

2 Responses to Snippets from My Trip Before The Trip
  1. joyce
    September 18, 2011 | 12:22 pm

    i want to see these socks finished! those colors are really beautiful!

  2. Rebekah
    September 18, 2011 | 2:44 pm

    Thanks. =D Now that it’s getting to be fall around here, I think I have good motivation to get them done soon. Nothing like wearing fall stripe-y socks during cool weather.


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