First Fiber Fair!

Or “Extreme Excitement.” Take your pick. Yep, I’ve got an invitation to send some yarns up to a fiber and yarn fair in Winterset, IA this March. I’ve picked out a pile from both my Etsy stores, and hopefully I’ll be able to get them tagged and sent in the next couple days. Meanwhile, if you want to grab something in one of my stores, grab it quick, because I’m hoping no yarns will come back from the fair.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the yarns. I’m just really ready to start dyeing more, and experiment with new yarn bases and all that jazz. (Yep, short interest span. That’s me.) And stuff needs to sell before I buy more yarns. It’s a horrible fact of life.

Not that I’ve had time to dye lately. (I wish.) I’ve been working on putting together some How-To DVDs for my mother’s business, and one of these involves crochet. Yep, I get to play with all these lovelies. (Yes, they’re acrylic, but not all acrylic is bad acrylic! Now I’ll wait for the stones to stop being thrown. )

Ahem. We’re going to be filming the next week or so, which means lots of work and doing tough things. If God brings it to mind, please pray that I’ll be able to just jump in and get stuff done. I’m an expert at sticking a toe in the water of a new project, then whining for a couple days about the temperature.

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