A Full Fiber Schedule

My aunt is visiting, and that, as usual, translates into oodles and oodles of fibery fun. For instance, I have just a few yarns to dye during the two weeks she’s here. (Slight irony implied on the “few” part.)

It’s somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty-plus skeins. Seven of which are for my two stores. I’m hoping to dye those this evening. (Six of mine, that is.) I’ve got an idea for an Apple Cider colorway, and I want to try to dye some “manly” colorways on two of the skeins. There are gentleman knitters out there who would probably appreciate a less-feminine yarn supply. And I’m also hoping to try an interesting new method of dyeing, which may or may not result in color-gradation stripes. Stay tuned.

Knitting time is up a lot more now, since there’s an aunt to knit with, and I’ve made good progress on the fall shawl.
I’m really, really liking the Crow Waltz pattern, and I want to try it again someday the way it’s supposed to be done – with only two colors of similar yarn. I’ve got one eye on the KnitPicks City Tweed for that. Whenever I get to start new projects. Eventually. Along with the seven or eight sweater patterns I’ve been hoarding.

And, while this could be considered non-knitting related, while at the mall today I stopped by this wonderful store called Teavana and picked out one of their gourmet teas to try.

A lovely black tea called Masala Chai. It has cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, and I think some ginger in it. Yum. Yum. Yum. (I also got some eyeliner and two new shirts, but that’s definitely non-knitting related.)

The Turquoise Hat of Floopyness is done except for weaving in the ends, with three skeins left over. Rats. It was supposed to use them all up. But! My aunt happens to really like that yarn, so she’s going to get a present that looks very much like the three extra skeins.
She’s also going to get this new thick and thin wool/llama yarn I spun. (She nabbed it before I could put it on Etsy.) I don’t have pictures of the Floopy hat yet, due to not having posed for pictures in it, but that should happen in the near future.

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  1. Anne
    September 22, 2010 | 9:44 am

    Ooooh, funnishness! You must post pics as you dye all that fluffy stuff!

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