Project Review

I realized I’ve been leaving you in suspense over my purple sweater! It did get finished, and I literally had to take it to Colorado unblocked and block it in a friend’s washing machine, but it got finished. I wore it a lot and really, really enjoyed it. Several people commented on it (in a good way). Yay! The photo, or rather a piece of the photo, I snagged from a friend’s picture of the trip. We were playing an acting game called Freeze.

Another project I’m really excited over is my latest thick-and-thin yarn. I spun this from two batts carded by my good friend Legossi, and the yarn turned out so wonderful! The batts were all light and springy and the yarn took up that quality and made it a poem. (That’s what you call waxing poetic.)
Here it is undyed -

And here it is post-color –

Interestingly enough, I just dumped the dyes in with the yarn to see what they would do. I wasn’t expecting it to go that dark, but the pops of color shifts are gorgeous! So subtle, and almost shiny.

And, the projects that I haven’t begun yet are very exciting. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was scouring Ravelry for hat and cowl patterns. Well, here’s why. I’ve been appointed as assistant director for a Christmas play. And that, to my knitterly mind, means I will be out and about in the cold more than usual. Thus, I will be empowered with the ability to wear more knit items than is conceivably possible. My heart beats wildly at the thought.

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