Under Certain Circumstances

So, yes, I did say I wasn’t going to buy any more fiber until I’d made a significant dent in what I already had. (And I can already hear you chuckling to yourself.)
But, there are certain circumstances that are just plain not worth resisting. And in this case, it was because I had never heard of nor seen this particular kind of fiber before. Well, that, and because it was shiny.

This is called banana silk. It’s derived from the leaves of banana trees, so it’s a plant-based fiber, and you can see how shiny it is in the pictures. I’d heard of yarn that had banana fiber in it, but it had never registered in my noggin that that would mean there was banana spinning fiber floating around somewhere to be pounced on.

I now have a full four ounces of the stuff waiting for me to figure out what to try it in. The individual strands are thick, and the softness is really hard to describe. Almost like a really, really fine elastic. The kind that isn’t wrapped up in thread.

And, if you’re wondering, yes, I bought it on Etsy. And, yes, I am aware that other fiber retail areas exist, but, hey! Why not Etsy? This particular fiber came from ExtremeSpinning – great store, great owner – and she has some really neat stuff in there. In fact, she sent me a fun little sample of some locally carded wool roving. Isn’t it cute?

Sweater! I promised a picture and here it is.

My first knit sweater. Very, very comfy and soft. In fact, so comfy that I’m already plotting to make another sweater. A short sleeve cotton one, actually. I already have the pattern and yarn picked out. I think I’m still on a “start a new project” kick. Thankfully I’ve been able to resist. Even when I couldn’t knit any more on either of my current projects for various reasons.

The Emily Dickinson shawl is coming along nicely, after a small glitch in which I ran out of beads and had to wait a day to get more. The ironic thing is that, now that I’ve got more beads, I’m back into a whole section of the shawl that doesn’t need beads. I believe I’m on row six or seven now, and I’m really happy with the way it’s looking at the moment. I’ve already been toying with the idea of making another version of it without the beads.

And, another batt picture to sign off with, my very favorite of the bunch. The Geiranger Fjord batts…

2 Responses to Under Certain Circumstances
  1. Becca
    March 15, 2010 | 7:07 pm

    The banana fiber is really interesting and the sweater looks lovely.
    It will be neat to see the banana after you spin it.

  2. Linda Burklin
    March 16, 2010 | 12:19 am

    The banana fiber looks and feels a lot like cornsilk. It should give a lot of sheen to whatever you add it to.

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