I’m Going Batts!

Alright, everyone. Look out for a really excited spinner. While a good friend is traveling about the country, she volunteered to let me babysit this little beauty for her, and, um, sort of make sure it doesn’t forget how to run.

And I’m making sure! By the end of the first day (Sunday) I had thirteen batts in my possession. And I’ve got lots more fiber to take care of. The first batts remind me of Animal from The Muppet Show. They’re carded from some Romney fiber I hand-dyed in various shades of burgundy and black. Now they’re a little more pinkish.

Then I tried blending two colors of fiber and came up with these. I call them my Robin’s Egg batts.

And then for my own use, I blended up the fibers I got while visiting in Texas. Eight gorgeous batts of a Blue-faced Leicester, baby alpaca, and mohair blend. Amazingly soft and fluffy. Actually, I need to run those through the carder one more time to make sure the fibers are really well blended.

So, after doing all those batts I felt confident enough to try blending colors more artistically. This was my first time doing it, and, in short, it was . . . ah. . . a learning experience. Instead of gorgeous streaks and swirls of colors I wound up with this.

Affectionately known as the wooly mammoth hide batt.

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