January Whizzed Past

I really hope the rest of the year won’t decide to follow January’s pacing. At that rate I won’t get much done!
I mean, we’re already almost through a twelfth of the year. Yikes! It would be so much easier if I had only one, or even two hobbies. Then I could focus on them solely and really get stuff cranked out.

But would it be as fun? Part of the fun of hobbies is to be able to do different things and keep them fresh. If it’s not interesting, why do it? Now, granted, I’ve taken hobby-gathering and turned it into an extreme sport, but I only keep the ones I enjoy. The trouble is that I enjoy a few too many to maintain with sanity.

The solution? Rotate them out as the mood strikes, and try not to leave any unfinished projects. The first part is easy. I’m still working on the second part. Although I am proud to report that I still only have one knitting project going, despite a red sock yarn’s constant pleading and a shawl pattern’s lingering glances.

And, thus far, here is the fruit of my labor on the sweater. It’s a top-down construction, so I’m working on making the yoke (or shoulder or whatever you call it) tall enough. It doesn’t get too boring if a movie is involved. I had to order two more balls of the yarn, since my gauge is so far off, but that doesn’t count against the “not spending anything” rule because I’m trying to actually finish the project. See the difference? (Play along with me, okay?)

The weather cleared up enough the other day for me to haul out the fleece box and start picking through it.
It’s un-skirted, so I’ve got to get out any VM and other odds and ends, as well as divide it up into manageable portions. I don’t have the technology to wash an entire fleece at a time, although that would be nice. It’s much easier to grab a plastic grocery bagful and clean it, than it is to lug a garbage bag full of wet fleece down a flight of steps.

There’s a whole lot of fleece there, although it doesn’t look that big in the picture. It’s actually sixteen pounds of fleece, and it’s quite nice stuff. Ranging from low to high crimp and pretty uniformly whiteish cream.

I’ve also been working on some fibers for an new MaidenYarn product. Most of them are dyed now and hanging up to dry.
That took up almost an entire afternoon and left me quite tired. It would have taken longer, but I ran out of vinegar, which is what makes the dye actually work, so it pretty much left me high and dry. I’m hoping to get more soon.

In the meantime I’ll knit and spin and generally enjoy myself. Unless you count reorganizing my closet again. Yes. Again. There’s just too much stuff in there! This time I am actually purging, yes, getting rid of some of my stuff. Mainly the half-used-up acrylic yarns that I’m not all that keen on keeping and using again. I’m an enlightened knitter and crocheter. In short, a fiber snob — and while I love soft acrylic for afghans, I’m not planning to make an afghan any time soon. Out it goes.

And, since we’re all cringing at the thought of getting rid of any yarn, I will leave you with this happy fiber moment.

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  1. Linda
    January 31, 2010 | 9:26 pm

    Very pretty yarn and fiber!

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