In Which I Dreadfully Overplan

I’m a knitter now. Let me be the first to admit it. The dye. . . I mean die-hard crocheter has fallen. I have succumbed to the knitting realm and now have way too many knitted projects planned.

And to prove how nuts I am, go take a look at my queue and favorites on Ravelry. (I’m LoveFiber on there.)
Not only am I knitting my first big knitting project now — and here’s a picture of my lovely sweater so far — but I have plans for another sweater, two or three giant shawls . . . no, four or five shawls, and a myriad of socks, wraps, and various things that will only overrun my closet. Which is already overrun. Although hopefully I will be able to use things from the closet to make things which go back into the closet and therefore pioneer self-sustaining closet environments.

My goal is to not. Buy. Any. More. Yarn. Until I’ve used up at least some of what I already have. Not too much. Just enough. *cough cough* Will someone please take the KnitPicks and Webs catalogs off my desk?

And this includes fiber! As few personal fiber purchases as possible. Not until I turn a good sized chunk of what I have into yarn. And that just got larger with the arrival of an unexpected and large box of new fleeces from Iowa. Yay! I have lovely fiber now. At least, I’m sure it’s lovely. I have yet to be able to open up the box because it persists in raining outside. And I’m not hauling a delicate fleece (three fleeces, actually) out onto the wet back porch and exposing them to the dangers of the elements. I’ll just have to wait a bit, because there’s no way the other inhabitants of the house would look kindly on my spreading the as yet unpicked fleeces out on the kitchen floor. Bad idea.

But, on the subject of fiber and the uses thereof, I’ve been making some more progress on the handspun sock yarn destined for Etsy. I should guess I’m about two thirds of the way through spinning the singles. Once they’re spun the plying goes much faster. I dyed this fiber myself, and I’m really enjoying using it. I think I shall have to get more. . . aha! Caught myself. No. No more fiber for awhile. Not for personal use at least.

See, one of the benefits of running a fiber company is that you can purr over plenty of fibers and yarns without the guilt of adding to your stash.
And I’ve got some gorgeous new products planned and in various stages of production. And they enable me to get a fiber rush without spending my money. I get to oogle things like this boucle I dyed and know that, while it’s pretty and I love it, it’s not going to be trapped in my closet forever while I feel my way through a sweater pattern. It’s going to go up on my Etsy store and make someone else happy. A definite bonus.

Oh, yes. I promised pictures of the Baroness Beret. Here you are. A nice large shot, complimented by a close up on the yarn.

I just wish the yarn had been spun a little more recently. It came before I had grasped the concept of a pre-planned, and therefore gorgeous, yarn. It was a bit dense to work with, and the gauge made it stiff. However, the colors are beautiful.

You know, it’s been awhile since we’ve done a Beginner Series. I wonder. Should we do one on dyeing? I could go into acid dyes and natural dyes. Various techniques and tutorials. Or I could do one that focuses on some of the kinds of spinning fiber available. Bamboo, silk, soysilk, angora, that sort of thing. And, come to think of it, doing either of those would involve purchasing some nice new dye stuffs or fibers. I think I’m liking this!

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