Merry Christmas!

Hello, everyone. I’m having a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you are too. And, while I didn’t receive any fiber-related gifts, I do have a couple of odds and ends to blog about.

First off, Nessie is done. Eyes and all. The pattern called for brown eyes, but I happened to be working with some navy yarn at the time so I just snitched a bit of it from the too-long tail of the work in progress. The recipient’s eyes are blue, so it works.

Second, I give a public thank-you to God for His blessings to me through yarn and fiber sales on Etsy. A month or so ago I was seriously thinking about pulling the plug on the whole thing, but He has sent me enough sales to make continuing worthwhile. I’m very excited about next year. I’ve got all sorts of ideas for new products, and a couple of marketing ideas as well. Look out, you may be seeing my shop on Ravelry sometime soon!

Third, I’m starting my New Year’s Dash tomorrow. Or at least, I’ll be preparing for my New Year’s Dash tomorrow. I’ll probably spend the better part of the day working on something completely non-fiber related, but I will take time to rummage through my fiber stash and see what will make the cut. I was given my favorite recording of The Wind in the Willows today, and I plan to listen to it once I get spinning.

And last, I actually began working on the navy cowl again. (Hence the color of Nessie’s eyes.) It’s about three inches tall now. I really don’t know how tall a cowl should be. I want it to come up over my head like a hood, but not swallow me up when not over my head. It may be too narrow for an over the head cowl. Thankfully it’s not taking up all my stitch markers now. I was given another set for Christmas.

Ha. As I was typing that last bit I kept thinking of more and more spinning projects to add to the Dash list. This could get really interesting. Another thing I’m going to add to my Dash list is not technically spinning. I’ve had an idea for an article to submit to a spinning magazine, but never gotten around to writing it. It shall be written between now and the New Year. Period. Zip. End of discussion.

2 Responses to Merry Christmas!
  1. Linda
    December 26, 2009 | 6:54 pm

    Well, you’re busy, but at least it’s a fun kind of busy! Lots to do here before we leave Monday morning!

  2. Becca
    December 28, 2009 | 2:06 pm

    Nessie is so cute!

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