Rebecca Yarn

I have officially finished spinning all of the Rebecca wool into singles, and I’ve even started plying it! I have two nice skeins done already.

The First of The Bunch

The First of the Bunch

I’m not sure how much they weigh, or how much yardage is in them. I’ll find out once they’re all done. And, once they’re all done I’ll just have the two drop-spindling projects left to finish up.

Ha ha. Just two drop-spindling projects. I spun a little on each of them today and managed to remind myself that they’re good for leisurely, enjoyable spinning. Not so good for speed work.

Supposedly you can speed up drop spindling in several ways, one of which is to get a faster spin on the spindle by rolling it down your thigh very fast. That creates more of a spin than you can get by just flicking it between your fingers like a top. The only problem is that I wasn’t thinking about rolling the spindle when I started, and both spindles need to turn clockwise. When you roll toward your knee (which is easiest) it turns the spindle counter-clockwise. I can do it the other direction, but it’s awkward, hence, slower.

Thankfully the New Zealand project can carry over into next year. I’ll just see how much I can get done on it between now and then. (While plying the rest of Rebecca and trying to ignore the batts in my closet that are calling me.)

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  1. Legossi
    December 29, 2008 | 11:24 am

    Pretty! :D

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