The Dust Clears: Fiber Journal Entry 1

Hello, everyone! It feels like it’s been ages since I closed down Maiden Yarn. A few new life directions moved in, and knitting and spinning (even recreationally) slipped through the cracks. But just the other day, while browsing some Ravelry patterns, I got bit by the fiber bug again. Hard.

It started innocently enough. Just finding a sock pattern (or two or three) that I really liked. Then I realized that in a few days I was going to be on a plane to Colorado, and I really enjoy working on smaller knitting projects when I travel. Perfect! Dig through my stash, select a lucky yarn and pattern, and I was set.

Well, almost. You know that annoying moment when you realize you’ve left your stash alone so long your yarn tastes have changed? Yeah. . . I was a little less than inspired. There was one gorgeous deep red batch, but it just wasn’t speaking the words I need to hear.

What did I do? Well, you might laugh, but I decided to spin my own. Yep, five or six days to lift off, and I wanted to spin sock yarn. And I did it. Mwahahaha.


Three different batches of leftover inventory from Maiden Yarn merged together to become this subtle beauty. Pale leafy greens, deep teal-blues, and the occasional streak of deep purple or lavender. The really cool part? It actually panned out at a gauge of eight stitches an inch. How often does that happen?

I have two balls of this stuff – well, one ball and one hank (hanks fit into suitcases much more easily) – a fistfull of size 2 needles, and a pattern decision to make. I’m leaning towards just using one of the basic patterns and pick a fun ribbing or rib/cable design for the leg. I’ve been out of the knitting game for so long it might pay to start out slow. And hopefully starting out slow will translate to actually finishing the project. I do so love hand knit socks.


Yarn specs: Two ply, hand spun, hand dyed. Fingering to light sport weight. Blend of superwash merino, bamboo, nylon, corriedale, and possibly some blue face leicester. Stashbuster.

The End of an Era.

It seems ironic that this post would come right after one celebrating the re-launch of my yarn store. (That’s what I get for not posting more often, eh?)

But, here comes the sad news. MaidenYarn will be closing its cyber doors on September the 15th.

The last two and a half years have been wonderful. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed filling fiber and yarn needs, getting to know people, and bringing my own slice of creativity to the yarn world.

But now it seems that God is taking me another direction. I’m sure this new direction will be exciting, but I will miss you all.

I have a feeling this website will turn into more of a personal blog in future. Meanwhile, have a delicious September.

We Have Lift Off!

Maiden Yarn is up and running once again. {insert wild cheering here}

Stop by for a visit.


T-Minus Ten

Almost time for the new store lift-off! =D Exciting, exciting. I’ve been getting photos imported and listing information all ready to roll. Official store opening happens tomorrow morning at ten-o-clock, EST. Hope to see you there! Let me know what you think.

Some sneak previews ~

dsc00543 dsc00451 dsc00577

Knitting Again

Personal knitting project time. Hooray!

I’ll admit up front – taking good photos of knitwear is something I really struggle with. I don’t see how you photographers do it. But, I’m pretty well pleased with how these turned out. First up are a couple of my almost-finished shawl/scarf. (Some of you might remember that I’ve knit that pattern before.)

dscn2830 dscn2832

This version of the scarf is knit up in one of the yarns I’ll be carrying in my store. It’s a lovely two-ply merino, and the colorway is a variation on Dawn Treader. I call it ‘The Edge of the World.’

And here is the beginning of a pair of socks in the revisited ‘Ink’ colorway – now called ‘Enchanted.’


Strangely enough, it had been so long since I knit last, I’d clean forgotten how nice knitting is. These projects were life savers – particularly in an airport when our three-hour layover kept getting longer and longer.

In other news, we’re working away on the new labels for my yarns, and I’m busily getting various listings ready to roll. Once we start taking official photos, stand by for sneak peeks.

Traveling in Style

Hello, everyone.

It seems the only way to complicate the re-opening of Maiden Yarn was for me to whisk off to Iowa with my mother for a homeschool conference. That’s alright, though. It’s giving me some wonderful catch-up time with her, relatives, and friends.

And plenty of time to hang out at the best cafe ever. If you’re ever in Winterset, Iowa, check out the Northside Cafe. It’s been newly decorated and re-opened, and looks (and tastes) like a million bucks. Gorgeous interior – slatey blue greys, charcoals, and deep walnut browns – and even better food. I strongly recommend the Smoked Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

But, besides that, I’ve been knitting away with two of my new colorways. The two yarns I’m using are the bases I’ll be carrying in my store, and I’m even more in love with them than I was before. If I had a decent camera with me, I’d show you now. Suffice it to say, I’m having a hard time keeping my hands off the rest of the new inventory.

I will show you a new skein of yarn I picked up this afternoon, though. (Compliments of my Aunt.) Araucania’s “Ruca” in the most lovely shade of Caribbean or lake blue. It’s made from sugar cane! I could hardly believe it. A fiber content I’m not familiar with. Super, super exciting. And please pardon the lovely “iSight” computer-camera photo.


The yarn is very smooth and drape-y, rather like heavy silk or bamboo. What this yarn will become, I’m not sure, but it has to wait its turn while I’m working on the other two projects.

This weekend is the convention. (Two days of a whole new world. But I think I shall enjoy it.) I’ll get home to Georgia late Sunday evening, so Monday morning will bring the initial scramble into getting everything ready for Maiden Yarn’s grand reopening on June twentieth. Huzzah! You can expect a pretty steady stream of blog updates. I’ll have lots to show and tell.

Forty Skeins of Yarn

Does anyone have a “get life to slow down” free card? I could use one. Things have been downright crazy around here, but I believe that God is working it all together for good.

Family members traveling, a family member dislocating a knee, yeah. It’s been pretty crazy.

So, I’ve decided to move the reopening of my yarn store back to June sometime. And (ready for this?) I’m keeping the name Maiden Yarn. It’s a good name, and it’s a name my customers know. At this point I’m thinking “Wildwood Fibers” will be a sub-brand for some extra special products I’ll be carrying. And don’t think this means the store won’t have some really neat additions and improvements! I’m still very excited.

In other news, I dyed forty-something skeins of yarn during the last two days for my friend at Annie and Co. That is a pile of yarn, y’all. I barely have room on my drying racks for all of it.

Yes, all the pictures for today are in black and white. My camera’s little electronic brain was so blown by the sheer gorgeousness of the tones, it flipped out and couldn’t portray them accurately. (And maybe I got a little filter-happy.)

So, the rest of May will be spent getting things ready for Maiden Yarn’s reopening in June, and having some friends come in from out of town for a mutual friend’s wedding. You can be expecting some pictures of the former (not the latter) in the weeks to come.

dscn2814 dscn2815


The Saga Continues. . .

Whew. It’s been crazy around here, what with inventory creation, plans for some special new items, and taking care of business odds and ends. But, the plan has moved forward to phase “shutting down Laceweight Fibers.” (Moment of silence.) It’s been a lovely little store, and I’m sorry to see it go, but I know it will be happier reunited with its sister store MaidenYarn (Soon to be Wildwood Fibers.) It will officially close its cyber doors at the end of April, but meanwhile all inventory is 30% off. Yep. Lots of hand dyed laceweights are looking for a new home. A nice weight for spring and summer knitting.


Happy April!

My, my, my, where on earth did Spring go? We’re in the 80 degree range down here. There was practically no winter, a brief spring, a massive dump of pollen, and now we’re racing onward toward the heat of July. Or, at this rate, late April.

Lots of things are afoot around here, besides the pollen. We filmed a dvd on “How To Knit”, which will be added to this collection of dvds as soon as it’s edited and I’ve bitten the bullet and written the little booklet that goes along with it. I’m having difficulty buckling down to that, though, for a couple reasons.

First off, I have a few ideas for novels begging to be written, and in my humble opinion, a fantasy novel is much more fun to write than a series of materials lists. But, that’s just my opinion.

Secondly, I’m getting ready to dive into creating the inventory for Wildwood Fibers! Huzzah! (Round of applause.) As you may have noticed, Maiden Yarn on Etsy is temporarily closed, and Laceweights will be following soon, so if you want something, grab it quick.

Today’s work session revolved around deciding which colorways I’ll open the new shop with. At this point I have no idea if it’s a delicate balance of weighing data, or random chance, but hopefully I’ve narrowed in on a nice balance of colors. A few old favorites are carrying over, of course, but some will be modified for a fresh new look.

There’s lots of work ahead, but it’s looking bright and cheery.

Name Change Sale!

Maiden Yarn is moving forward on the name change process. Talk about an exciting new phase of existence!

In an effort to get the ball rolling, and new supplies laid in, all current inventory is 30% off, so have fun.

~ Velvet Slippers Sock Yarn

~ Not a Daisy Roving

~ Spring Roving