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Cinnamon Spice

My Father brought home some new tea yesterday. Tazo’s “Sweet Cinnamon Spice”, and believe me, it’s wonderful. The perfect thing for a crisp morning when biscuits are in the oven. The tea smells every bit as good as those cinnamon scented pinecones (the ones you walk by in stores and have to remind yourself over and over that they’re not edible) but it doesn’t taste as garishly cinnamon as some other cinnamon drinks. With a touch of honey, it’s beautiful.

This week has been a little more laid back than usual, but I don’t mind that at all. Friday will be a dye day, with some “hired to dye” yarns in various colorways.

But last week I was able to dye a whole bunch of my Fall yarns, and I am thrilled to report that the new yarn bases behaved themselves better than expected. Here are three of the new single-ply fingerings –


And here is one of the two-ply superwash skeins. This one took the colors just like I thought it would – lots of brilliance and depth, and it held color changes quite nicely. I still really want to make something for myself from a skein of this yarn, and I finally found the perfect pattern. Now I just need to decide what color I want!


New Yarns!

I’ve gotten a couple new yarn bases for Fall, and they are delightful! They’re both fingering weight, and will be carried in my Maiden Yarn store.


This one is a very smooshy single-ply of a wool and nylon blend. I think it would make gorgeous scarves, cowls, or even a shawl. I’ve already gotten to dye some up as a test, and this yarn is begging to be dyed in rich tones of a kettle-dyed nature.

As a side note – I will also be carrying a more familiar fingering base. The 70/30 merino/silk blend I’ve had in before. It’s a nice four-ply, non-superwash yarn with a little bit of shine to it. Lovely lovely.

In case you’re wondering, I’m moving Maiden Yarn to mainly fingering weight (my favorite to knit with) and spinning fiber at the beginning of October. It’ll simplify things for me, and allow me to offer a wider range of colors in the same weight (if not same fiber blend) of yarn. Plus, who doesn’t like fingering and sock weight?

I’m really rather excited, but I shall try to remain rational.


I finally figured out the best name for this color I got with the cochineal. Raspberry. Or rose. But rose might denote a paler color. Anyway, I’ve been very busily working away on the shawl-neck sweater. Here’s what I’ve got so far. Actually, I’ve done more since this picture was taken, but it’ll give you the general idea.

The Beginnings of a Sweater

The Beginnings of a Sweater

I’m really pleased with the way it’s turning out. At first I wasn’t sure I like how it looked, but it’s grown on me. I think that it’ll look even better once it’s blocked.

Cochineal: Part 3

I tell you, this pot of dye was like the Energizer Bunny! It just kept going and going and going!

The first batch of wool came out a sort of mauve color. And the bag seemed to have worked!

Darker Fleece

Darker Fleece

Then I popped in a second batch to see if I could get a lighter shade for two-tone purposes.

Merino Equals Marvelous

Here are some of the first skeins of the plied merino yarn. Is it not gorgeous? When it came off the swift I had one of those “oooooooohhhhhhh” moments. A moment only equaled to . . . um . . . well, I’ll figure something out.

Five Skeins

Five Skeins

Still Spinning Away

Norwegian is finished! All thirteen ounces of it spun up into six nice skeins. Don’t ask me about the yardage; I don’t know. This yarn is destined for Kool-Aid dyeing (assuming nothing goes wrong), and hopefully it will find a happy home.

It is now sitting on the drying rack, along with as many other yarns as I could fit. The New Year’s Dash worked great, but I wound up with tons of yarn to set the twist in.

And I’ve started on the merino roving. I’m spinning it into a two-ply sport weight, which I will dye a deep shade of red (using cochineal!) and then crochet into a sweater type thing.

Thin Merino

Thin Merino

Purple Queen

I seem to recall hearing silk referred to as the queen of fibers. If that’s the case, I heartily agree. I’m getting more and more in love with silk. The way it drafts, the way it shines, the way it swirls into a colorful rush of beauty . . . and that sounds like some really weird love song. But, I have proof that it swirls into a colorful rush of beauty! See?

Silk Swirl

Silk Swirl


(Spinning project update!)

The roving that I ordered from Paradise Fibers (along with the swift and un-dyed sock yarn) finally arrived! It was back-ordered at the time I bought it. It’s a beautiful, dark Coopworth roving. And it looks and feels like it was a carded roving, which is nice because that’s what I’ve been practicing spinning lately.

Two Balls

Two Balls