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Fleece Flurries And A Crazy Knitter

I’ve started the races on wool washing. As of now I have a pretty good start. I’m being extra careful to not let the wool sit and be forgotten for too long, as that seems to make the final fiber coarser. I have a finished batch drying, another in the degrease stage, and a third in the preliminary soaking.

In the meantime, quick, take a guess. What new knitting project have I plunged into? Anyone? Anyone? DSCN9630

It is not a garden hose cozy. I haven’t quite gone off the deep end yet. I am merely dipping my toe in the water, so to speak. (Although I’m not doing it the toe-up way.) Behold the beginnings of a sock. And before you start pointing out that the yarn isn’t one of mine, let me explain. I was going to try to knit my first socks out of handspun, but the only handspun yarn I had was too thick. My knitting sister very kindly shared from her stash, so while you see before you a completely commercial yarn, it is still a nice yarn. Could I have waited to spin my own? Of course not! When you have the urge, you knit.