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Indigo Dyed Yarn

Prepare to feast your eyes on the myriad of blue shades I got out of the indigo pot. Gorgeous!

DSC01816 This is the skein of heavy worsted I spun on the drop spindle. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, which is unfortunate because I love the color. I dunked it in the dye only once, so it’s relatively light in color and actually has a little variegation going on.

So far the indigo doesn’t appear to be crocking. Hooray hooray. Dye leaks are something that occurred with dismal regularity during the cochineal dyeing. Which reminds me, yet another reason to like indigo dyeing is that it doesn’t smell bad like cochineal. It does have a strongish smell, but nothing like dead beetles with vinegar in them. (How’s that for ruining your yarn appetite? )

DSC01818 Here is another skein that I dunked three or four times. I think three. It’s one of the three Iowa fleece skeins I spun on the Walking Wheel.

Once More Into The Breach

Shortly after I gave up on the sweater I got the crocheting itch really bad. There was nothing for it but to grab at the yarn and try again. I checked one of the balls for crocking, and it didn’t seem to be the culprit skein, so I plunged forward with a few modifications to the original design.

Sweater Beginning

Sweater Beginning

I used the base ch/sc that Doris Chan used for every project in the Everyday Crochet book. It works beautifully because in the crocheting world, a normal chain tends to grow when you put other stitches on it.

That explains why my original free-style attempt got so big. This way you chain and put the first row of single-crochets on at the same time, making it the size it will wind up at! I think I had something like one hundred stitches to make it big enough.

Teal Trouble

Okay, so I dyed the Rebecca yarn teal, and that felt like enough of an adventure, what with too much dye powder and all. How could it get worse?

Well, for starters, I suddenly discovered that I’m not up to creating a garment of this importance without a pattern. And I found this out after crocheting a good-sized section of it. I did, oh, maybe four rounds of double-crochet stitches on the “hem” of the sweater and thenstopped to try it on. It was about four inches too big around. I’d have been swimming in it, if I didn’t run out of yarn before the end.

Spinning Away

Despite the fact that I was in the middle of spinning the brown wool, I went ahead and started playing with the Norwegian roving. It spun up quite nicely! I was pleasantly surprised. It was rather inexpensive, which made me think it wouldn’t have as good quality, but I was wrong. It’s a nice, squishy yarn, with just enough coarseness that I think it will wear well. The first skein wound off at a squeak over 70 yards. No clue what the others wound off at.

Three Skeins

Three Skeins

Rebecca Yarn

I have officially finished spinning all of the Rebecca wool into singles, and I’ve even started plying it! I have two nice skeins done already.

The First of The Bunch

The First of the Bunch

I’m not sure how much they weigh, or how much yardage is in them. I’ll find out once they’re all done. And, once they’re all done I’ll just have the two drop-spindling projects left to finish up.

Ha ha. Just two drop-spindling projects. I spun a little on each of them today and managed to remind myself that they’re good for leisurely, enjoyable spinning. Not so good for speed work.

Too Much Water

My aunt and I decided to dye some machine-spun sock yarn in lovely shades of turquiose, chestnut, and pink. (At some point those were really trendy colors, but I don’t keep track of those things.)

The Colors

The Colors

Twist and Shout

I finally got around to setting the twist in all the yarn I’ve squirrelled away.

My aunt and I set up an assembly line and ran all fifteen skeins through, (having fun the whole time, of course). We dunked a skein into a pot of hot water and dishwashing liquid, then rinsed it out in the sink with some more hot water, and repeated once more. Then we hung the wet skein on a laundry rack to dry. Even though I pressed most of the water out of the skein before we hung it up, by the time we finished, the towel under the rack was wet, and we had to press the skeins dry again.

A couple of them bled into the wash water a bit. The pink varigated one bled the most. The water had a definite red cast to it. Odd. Anyway, now they are all hanging up in a row to dry. Well, sort of a row. They’re hanging wherever I could find a spot on the rack to hang them.