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Spring Scarf


While I was getting ready to make the previous scarf, I had an idea for a fun spring/summer design to create on a chiffon. The idea was vaguely inspired by cherry blossoms and tiny spring flowers, and involved having tiny white circles dotting one end of the scarf. As you can see, it worked.

I’m thinking I might offer these for sale for this coming spring. Any idea on what colors? I’m liking the green, although I might go a bit softer with it. A nice, distinctive pink would be pretty. Something between peach and petal. And a soft, French blue-grey would be gorgeous. Maybe a golden-yellow, like a mango? Does anyone even wear mango?

A Tea Break

Yesterday’s mood and general vibe can be summed up fairly well with just one picture.


My sister was gracious enough to lend me her tiny teapot, so I curled up at my desk with my prettiest teacup, and a whole pot full of Lipton’s “Vanilla Caramel Truffle,” with lots of heavy cream and sugar. Sometimes an emotionally low day requires such things.

Unfortunately, the emotional benefits were quickly overridden with a sudden headache. Either I used too much sugar, or it was just inevitable. Either way, the tea tasted really good.

The irony of taking refuge in my room lay in the fact that I was completely surrounded by piles and piles of unfinished projects. (Not to mention stacks of old notebooks from my emptied desk!) We’ve been busy filming some how-to DVDs for my family’s business, so I had adhered to the deceptively simple practice of “Oh, I’ll just lay this here until I get a chance to put it away.”

Let me tell you, that doesn’t work so well. Especially not two-and-a-half weeks at a time. The piles were downright scary.

If you don’t believe me, take a look.

I Seem To Have This Thing For Lace

I have a total of three laceweight spinning projects going on right now. The alpaca and silk you’ve seen, so here’s the new baby.

Angora cobweb fluffy laceweight. Ahhhhhhhh. You cannot believe how soft this yarn is when it’s plied. It’s like the tactile rendition of feeling warm and fuzzy inside!

I’m actually spinning this on a nifty contraption that a friend of mine plans to make available on Etsy. I’m not at liberty to divulge many of the juicy details, but I will say that I could not spin this delicate of a yarn on any of the other tools I have in the house.

The grand Etsy store updates continue! I just listed a couple more yarns, and soon a nice big order of fiber will come in, and I can start all over again. Hooray!

What The Cotton Didn’t Do

So before my aunt left we ran an indigo vat and dyed some cotton yarn. The yarn was a pale creamy yellow when we started, and now it’s sort of a silver gray. We dipped it twice. You can see it in the middle, there. What on earth happened? IndigoStuff

The only thing I can think of is that the yarn didn’t have long enough to presoak (but we gave it a couple days of soaking!) or perhaps it had some sort of chemical in it, which would be odd because it was supposed to be organic cotton. Queer.

And to make things queerer, take a look at the picture. All these yarns were dunked twice. The one on the right was actually dunked three times. Notice anything odd about the color intensity? The brightest yarn (on the left) is a) superwash and b) soaked longer than the one on the far right. They’re both merino wool. Apparently the length of soak time does effect yarns… but the cotton soaked every bit as long as the superwash!


It’s been rumored and hinted at, long in the making, and longer in person. dsc01323
It’s the alpaca scarf! Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s so squishy! My sister knit it for me. Thank you again, Mama Mentor, for the beautiful fiber. The yarn was very fun to spin. In fact, if I close my eyes I can still feel the alpaca pulling through my fingers. Ahhhhhh. For the record, it turned out as a sportish weight three ply, spun on the Walking Wheel.

And, though not quite as impressive, here’s the finished merino/silk scarf. My first big knit project. (If you don’t count the little red scarf, which didn’t involve yarnovers.) It’s almost done blocking, and it turned out huge. It’s really more of a narrow wrap than a scarf. But I like it.

If you’re wondering, the tam hasn’t dropped off the face of the earth. I’ve worked on it a bit. The dyeing has taken up a lot of my attention, but I haven’t forgotten it! In fact, I’ve graduated in my “knitter-ness.” I’ve thought about bringing the project with me on two occasions, decided not to, and regretted it. Maybe I should just strap the project bag to myself.

Fiber, Sweet Fiber

Home again among all the beautiful piles of fluffy stuff. Ahhhhh. It’s good to be back.

I took two projects along on the trip in the hope of being semi-productive. One was the drop spindle New Zealand wool that I’ve been hiding in my closet, reluctant to do. And the other was the merino/silk scarf. Only one project got done.
And it was . . .


The scarf. Now I just have to block it. I got rather good at carefully “un-knitting” after I had to bother my sister five or six times. But eventually I mastered the pattern or didn’t notice my mistakes anymore. Oh, I also had the thrilling experience of having the scarf half pulled off the needles a couple of times. And once completely. (That last time I ran to my sister. Positively ran. Well, it was more of a shame-faced shuffle. Next time I’ll be more careful when I pull a project out of its bag.)

And, on the drive home, I made a cotton washrag to scrub out my dye pots.

Try Two

Well, I clearly over-set my goals for the last “break.” Here I am, well into my second break and I didn’t “finish” much of my list. The white scarf is coming along nicely, though. Here it is after starting it twice, and a little help from my knitting sister.

Merino Scarf

Merino Scarf

The pattern is very easy to remember. And, as a bonus, it’s getting easier to work with the needles. For awhile there it looked very bleak. I’d either be knitting like I was trying to tie two short hairs into a knot, or flinging loops about with sudden abandon. It’s just taking a lot longer than crocheting. And, like anything I’m new at, it requires a certain level of concentration.

Heigh Ho, and Away We Go

And now, back after a long absence, I bring you the reluctant blogger. Sorry about that, everyone. I’ve been just plain lazy, doing odds and ends and juggling work schedules and what not. So, I’m going to attempt to change that. I’m now going to start thinking of projects as “long weekend” things instead of “squeeze them in whenever.” The old “set a goal and accomplish it” ply. I mean ploy. See? It’s working already.

So, here is the first break’s goal.

Two Projects to Finish

Two Projects to Finish

Finish spinning and plying the merino/silk batt, and preferably knit it into a scarf. And, since I don’t seem to know when to stop, I also want to knit the shiny red yarn into a scarf for a friend of mine. It’s spun from the roving I dyed with the cochineal. You may have noticed, I used the “k” word twice! Yes, I’m serious about this knitting thing. Therefore, both scarves will be knit as practice for the sweater I’m planning to make. And before you say “Another sweater? ” let me explain. It will not be another sweater, but a re-do. I’m unraveling the teal Rebecca sweater.

I’ll wait for you to collect your wits.

Are we good now? Okay. Let me explain.