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Fish Sticks?

Someone remind me that silk is (literally and figuritively) a whole different animal than wool. And remind me especially when when I try to oven dye silk again. (I am assuming that there will be an “again.”) I didn’t have any huge goals in mind! I just wanted to dye 1 3/4 oz. of silk pink, and 3 oz. gray/blue. Well, here are the final products.



It Called Me. I Heard It.

SAFF purchase details: Post #7

The Sanguine Gryphon has lots of beautiful stuff. But this particular batt told me I was taking it home. No arguments.

The Gawain Batt

The Gawain Batt

It’s three ounces of superwash merino and silk bliss. I am so happy with it. I could just sit there and pet it all day.

Strauch Carders and Dyes by the Ounce

SAFF purchase details: Post #6

My dad and I stopped to talk to a gentlemen who was demonstrating the Strauch Drum Carders. He was a very nice man, and he explained the drum carding process very clearly. I came away from that knowing that if I ever get a drum carder, I’m getting a Strauch. The biggest reason is the “licker in” part. His is designed so the fiber won’t get caught in it. Now I just need an excuse to get it. Hmm.

Anyway, then we went to the Earth Guild place, and I bought some natural dye stuffs! A couple ounces of Cochineals, Indigo, and Cutch. (And, of course, a mordant and some stuff to make the indigo do its thing.) I can hardly wait to use them.

Roving By the Pound

SAFF purchase details: Post #5

I bought a pound of nice roving from Steam Valley Fiber Farm, and eyed some of their dyed fibers and yarns. One of the yarns had little loops coming out from it, almost like a boucle. I tried to recreate it the other day and failed miserably. I’ll have to keep puzzling over that one.

Here’s the fiber. It’s really soft and “squishy” feeling. I almost wish I’d gotten more, then I could have dyed it all in one go and made a sweater out of it. Oh well. We’ll have fun together.

Wool Roving

Wool Roving

Discount Bonus

SAFF purchase details: Post #4

During the initial walk through of the first building I had spotted a place that I recognized from online. Little Barn. It had a sign up saying 10% off if you paid with a check. Am I going to argue with 10% off? There wasn’t a lot of gorgeous fiber, but there was a good variety and some really nice stuff.

Wool Silk Blend

Wool Silk Blend

Like this blend. I’m working on spinning this right now, along with some black Angelina that I got there. Angelina is little bits of sparkly stuff that you can spin or card into your fiber. The wool/silk drafts like a dream.

Purple Silk

SAFF purchase details: Post #3

I had seen a whole wall of rainbow-dyed silk during the first walk through, and after I had bought stuff at Gwenyth Glynn and Whorling Tides, I headed back toward the Bullen’s Wullens booth. They had some amazing shades of color. It was hard to pick just one! (The silk came in larger packages. I can’t remember now if it was eight ounces or four. It’s a good size.) But I settled on this one.

The Winner

The Winner

I can hardly wait to try spinning it. I’ve never done pure silk before.

Merino Bamboo

SAFF purchase details: Post #2

The next place I stopped was Whorling Tides. She had some beautiful, beautiful stuff. I walked past, glanced into the booth and saw this.

Merino Bamboo Blend

Merino Bamboo Blend


SAFF purchase details: Post #1

The first place I bought wool from I had stopped to look at an overflowing basket of gorgeous, shiny, curly, white wool locks. Next thing I knew the owner was right next to me. She was such a nice lady, and she told me all about the Wensleydale sheep she has (Wensleydales are native to England) and how nice their fleece is. Believe me, you could see how nice the fleeces were. All it took was one touch.

SAFF = Fiber

Saturday was an absolute blast. My first fiber fair ever, my biggest fiber purchase ever, and I think my most money spent (at one time) ever. And the fiber was totally worth it. Here is my final haul.

The Whole Kaboodle

The Whole Kaboodle

And I got all of that from only seven vendors. Seven out of the many many many that were there. Of course, I looked up all the vendors ahead of time to find out which ones had stuff I was interested in. I walked into the fair with a list of what I wanted, and basically threw it out the window.

Fiber Jitters

Well, the big day is here. In a couple hours I will be on my way to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. (And yes, I know this isn’t Friday. Some things came up and we had to switch the trip to today. It’ll be neat to possibly see why the Lord wanted me to come today and not yesterday.) If you think of it, pray that we’ll have a safe trip, and that I’ll know what to buy and how much to spend. The Lord gave me all this money to spend and I want to spend it wisely.

It’s a three hour drive there, so we’ll be making a pretty good day of it. Assuming I don’t faint from fiber overload I’ll be able to tell you about it tonight, but if worse comes to worst I’ll write about it tomorrow afternooon. Assuming I can tear myself away from the spinning wheel long enough.