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Knitting On The Horizon

Believe it not, I haven’t forgotten about my knitting projects. I just pulled this sock project back out from the closet and started back in. Since then I’ve turned the heel and gotten a ways into the foot part. This is the “Hedgerow” pattern, and I rather like it. I ran into some trouble on the heel flap, but that was probably an operator error as opposed to a glitch in the knitting pattern.

The yarn is knitting up really nicely too. All these deep grays and blues. Lovely!

And I’ve got another pattern begging to be made. I’ve never really been big into fingerless gloves.
I mean, they’re neat articles of clothing and all, but they didn’t do much for me personally. Then I saw this pattern. And my non-glovey self said, “Self, if you were to wear fingerless gloves, those would be them. So you might as well buy the pattern.”

Ta-da! “The Last of The Sky Pirates” fingerless gloves. Cool, no? I’m particularly fond of the little buttons down the side. (I borrowed the photo from the Etsy listing.) The construction looks pretty unique. At least as far as my experience goes. You use straights and DPNs.

Once I got the pattern I wasn’t sure what yarn I’d want to use for it, and then I dyed this.

Oh yeah. Thankfully it was a two-skein batch, so I’m keeping one of “Beryl,” and the other goes in the store. I’ll be taking this project along on a trip to Missouri. And I have extra incentive to finish it while I’m gone, as I’m borrowing the needles from my knitting sister, and she’ll want them back as soon as we return. No pressure! Thankfully my knitting time includes the lengthy car ride.

Another Shawl? Really?

Okay, yes, so I haven’t gone back to the Emily Dickinson shawl yet, but I’ve started another one. And hopefully this one will go much faster.

I’ve already had my signature gauge snafoo and had to unravel a full sixteen repeats of the lace edging so I could start over. I was very careful to start over right after unraveling — sort of a “get back on the horse after you fall off” idea.

I’m knitting the shawl pattern called The Crow Waltz Shawl (the triangular version) and using a variety of yarns from my stash. The idea is to actually use some of those one-skein yarns I’ve been hoarding for over a year.

The yarn combination is rather amusing. Of the eight colors, two are completely store bought. One is commercial, but hand dyed. Four are hand spun and hand dyed. And the last one is someone else’s dye work, but I spun it. They also range in weight from fingering to heavy worsted, so this will be an adventure.

Three Cheers for Translations!

That favorite sock pattern of mine has finally been translated into English! Hooray!

And, get this, I found the translation only a few hours after using a part of one of the reserved sock yarn balls for the slipper project. Argh. I was sure I had a third ball of it laying around somewhere, but now I’m not so sure.

Yes, I said the slipper project. They still weren’t quite big enough and had to come home for some alterations.

In Which I Dreadfully Overplan

I’m a knitter now. Let me be the first to admit it. The dye. . . I mean die-hard crocheter has fallen. I have succumbed to the knitting realm and now have way too many knitted projects planned.

And to prove how nuts I am, go take a look at my queue and favorites on Ravelry. (I’m LoveFiber on there.)
Not only am I knitting my first big knitting project now — and here’s a picture of my lovely sweater so far — but I have plans for another sweater, two or three giant shawls . . . no, four or five shawls, and a myriad of socks, wraps, and various things that will only overrun my closet. Which is already overrun. Although hopefully I will be able to use things from the closet to make things which go back into the closet and therefore pioneer self-sustaining closet environments.

My goal is to not. Buy. Any. More. Yarn. Until I’ve used up at least some of what I already have. Not too much. Just enough. *cough cough* Will someone please take the KnitPicks and Webs catalogs off my desk?

Hippity Hop to the Knitting Shop

To come home with eye candy.

As my wonderful aunt is here visiting, we got to go to the Yarn Garden again. And I definitely splurged. I’m afraid I have been bitten by the knitting bug and will never fully recover. I didn’t buy a single skein with crochet in mind.

This brown yarn is alpaca fingering weight, which I plan to use for a glove pattern I found on Ravelry. It’s called Knotty Gloves and has some beautiful cable-work on the wrists. I think they’re cables.

Then I wandered back into the bargain closet and found this skein/ball of laceweight.


After my sock knitting itch relaxed enough to leave me sane, I wound up going to JoAnn to take a peak at the yarn stuff. Look what came home! Some beautiful black Bamboo and Ewe sock yarn. (Two sixty-gram balls.)


I had the perfect pattern picked out for this. I downloaded it from Ravelry and everything, and then I opened it up and found that it was all in German.

Stunned silence.

Thankfully my sister stepped in and found me a German/English knitting terminology translator thingummy online, and I got to work deciphering the stitches. The pattern is in a chart, but the explanation of the symbols is in German. And things have come to a screeching halt.

I really wanted to make these socks. Really really really. But the pattern has defeated me. At least for now. There’s a possibility that it will be released in an English version sometime in the future. I’m going to stash the yarn away and hope for the best.

Wool Gathering

Believe it or not, I haven’t fallen into a fiber-induced coma and vanished off the face of the earth. I’m still here trying to make time for spinning and fiber in a rapidly filling schedule. (While juggling a change of work, vacation plans, writing, and getting ready for a friend to come visit.)

Every single scrap of Iowa fleece I have left (except for one chunk that had lots of VM) has been pre-soaked twice. All of it. Excuse me while I go collapse.

I spent I don’t know how long outside in the backyard hauling pots of water, wrestling fleece, spinning out the excess water, and shooing away any curious insects. It wiped me out. I have this feeling that the neighbors think I’m some sort of odd person — constantly lugging pots out there, whirling around spraying water in every direction — yeah. Well, if they want some wool they can have it. I just want to get it all washed by the second of August.

Why the reason for this sudden haste? A certain special friend is coming to visit next month, and she’s bringing a toy with her. Something very beneficial for those who have lots of fiber to process. Any guesses?