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Two New Colors

I got to play with the teal and periwinkle dyes. They became some rather nice samples, and I learned to not try to microwave-set a yard of yarn in a small glass jar with a whole teaspoon of dye solution by sticking it in the microwave for a minute.

Periwinkle Samples

Periwinkle Samples

Good thing it was superwash. Although it seems to have gotten fatter for some odd reason. Boiling must take off the superwash coating. The darker strand is the boiled one.

The one on the bottom is actually some of the Rebecca yarn, which I popped into the very hot, leftover dye water from the boiled superwash.

Can you see how the yarn almost looks like it’s glowing? It took me a bit to figure out why it was doing that. I think it’s because I just dunked the yarn in, gave it a couple seconds in the hot water, and pulled it out. The outer fuzzies dyed blue, but the core of the yarn is still cream. I may have to experiment with double-dyed yarns in the near future.

Thin as a Thread

I finally figured out what I wanted to do with that blue Merino/Bamboo blend that I got from Whorling Tides. Because of the way the Great Wheel works I can spin stuff really, really fine. It’s like a giant support spindle! (I’m planning to try cotton on it sometime in the near future.) I’ve spun about half of the braid. Here it is reeled off onto a cardboard tube.

Half of the Needed Singles

Half of the Needed Singles

A Blank Canvas

Look what arrived in the mail! A pile of yarn skeins eagerly waiting to see what color they’ll become. The possibilities are endless.

Blank Yarn from KnitPicks

Blank Yarn Knit Picks

That’s two skeins of merino worsted weight, a skein of merino lace weight, a skein of superwash merino DK weight, and a skein of superwash merino worsted weight. Fun fun fun! I’m eager to try out some new color combinations.


I couldn’t wait to start spinning up the “Flamenco” superwash merino and silk blend that I got from the Sanguine Gryphon. I’m using my lighter drop spindle on top whorl. I just love the richness of the colors. Wool/silk blends are rapidly becoming my favorite. They draft like butter! This will probably become the standard, three-ply light worsted weight. Unless it manages to talk me into making it a two-ply sport weight. The single on the spindle is crying to be lace!

Spun Single

Spun Single