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Knitting Again

Personal knitting project time. Hooray!

I’ll admit up front – taking good photos of knitwear is something I really struggle with. I don’t see how you photographers do it. But, I’m pretty well pleased with how these turned out. First up are a couple of my almost-finished shawl/scarf. (Some of you might remember that I’ve knit that pattern before.)

dscn2830 dscn2832

This version of the scarf is knit up in one of the yarns I’ll be carrying in my store. It’s a lovely two-ply merino, and the colorway is a variation on Dawn Treader. I call it ‘The Edge of the World.’

And here is the beginning of a pair of socks in the revisited ‘Ink’ colorway – now called ‘Enchanted.’


Strangely enough, it had been so long since I knit last, I’d clean forgotten how nice knitting is. These projects were life savers – particularly in an airport when our three-hour layover kept getting longer and longer.

In other news, we’re working away on the new labels for my yarns, and I’m busily getting various listings ready to roll. Once we start taking official photos, stand by for sneak peeks.

A Tea Break

Yesterday’s mood and general vibe can be summed up fairly well with just one picture.


My sister was gracious enough to lend me her tiny teapot, so I curled up at my desk with my prettiest teacup, and a whole pot full of Lipton’s “Vanilla Caramel Truffle,” with lots of heavy cream and sugar. Sometimes an emotionally low day requires such things.

Unfortunately, the emotional benefits were quickly overridden with a sudden headache. Either I used too much sugar, or it was just inevitable. Either way, the tea tasted really good.

The irony of taking refuge in my room lay in the fact that I was completely surrounded by piles and piles of unfinished projects. (Not to mention stacks of old notebooks from my emptied desk!) We’ve been busy filming some how-to DVDs for my family’s business, so I had adhered to the deceptively simple practice of “Oh, I’ll just lay this here until I get a chance to put it away.”

Let me tell you, that doesn’t work so well. Especially not two-and-a-half weeks at a time. The piles were downright scary.

If you don’t believe me, take a look.

Wool Gathering

Believe it or not, I haven’t fallen into a fiber-induced coma and vanished off the face of the earth. I’m still here trying to make time for spinning and fiber in a rapidly filling schedule. (While juggling a change of work, vacation plans, writing, and getting ready for a friend to come visit.)

Every single scrap of Iowa fleece I have left (except for one chunk that had lots of VM) has been pre-soaked twice. All of it. Excuse me while I go collapse.

I spent I don’t know how long outside in the backyard hauling pots of water, wrestling fleece, spinning out the excess water, and shooing away any curious insects. It wiped me out. I have this feeling that the neighbors think I’m some sort of odd person — constantly lugging pots out there, whirling around spraying water in every direction — yeah. Well, if they want some wool they can have it. I just want to get it all washed by the second of August.

Why the reason for this sudden haste? A certain special friend is coming to visit next month, and she’s bringing a toy with her. Something very beneficial for those who have lots of fiber to process. Any guesses?

Socks and Fluff

I have one whole sock now. It’s quite comfy, but a little baggy around the toes. It’s quite possible that I knit it a size too large. And the second sock is visible. I’m about an inch into it.


All the indigo dyed fiber is carded up and turned into roving.

Hobo Toes

Look! Look at that. I almost have the entire foot covered in stripy material. Whoo-hoo!


I took it along to work, and the best part was a small friend’s conversation with me while babysitting.

Sam: “Why does that have so many needles?”
Me: “That’s just the way they need to be to help me knit this sock.”
Sam: “Whoa, that’s a sock?”
Me: “Yes. Wait just a minute
(the row needed to be finished) and I’ll show you.”
*time lapse while row is finished and sock wriggled on*
Sam: “Whoaaaaa, that’s cool. If I’d known you made socks I’d have had a pair by now.”

(I don’t know what he was implying by that statement. Just because I made that red scarf for him earlier.)

Anyway, it’s currently giving a great impression of a hobo’s sock, and if I can just figure out where the pattern went I can finish it up and knit the second one. It’s been long enough since I started the first one that I’m not worried about the second being the same old same old. Definitely a bonus.

The Heel Turned

Ta-da! Behold the latest in footwear fashions. (No, the photo is not sideways.) The unique design enhances ankle warmth and circulation while leaving your toes to cool off and wiggle about as they desire. The spikes protect from any little nippy dogs, and the ball of yarn drags along in case you have a sudden knitting urge.

Yes, I’m planning to finish it. And its mate. This one will have some queer little lumps and bumps in it. Things like “repeat rows A and B until x amount remains on the needles” should not be listed after “continue.” What do they think I am? A knitting guru? Ahem. Well, anyway, it seems to be turning out despite the difficulties. I can get it on. And off.

I’m enjoying knitting something that small. I like tiny things. Tiny stitches, tiny needles, tiny yarn. I even have a pattern picked out for the next pair! It’ll be a very special pair due to the fiber choice. (More on that later.)

Fleece Flurries And A Crazy Knitter

I’ve started the races on wool washing. As of now I have a pretty good start. I’m being extra careful to not let the wool sit and be forgotten for too long, as that seems to make the final fiber coarser. I have a finished batch drying, another in the degrease stage, and a third in the preliminary soaking.

In the meantime, quick, take a guess. What new knitting project have I plunged into? Anyone? Anyone? DSCN9630

It is not a garden hose cozy. I haven’t quite gone off the deep end yet. I am merely dipping my toe in the water, so to speak. (Although I’m not doing it the toe-up way.) Behold the beginnings of a sock. And before you start pointing out that the yarn isn’t one of mine, let me explain. I was going to try to knit my first socks out of handspun, but the only handspun yarn I had was too thick. My knitting sister very kindly shared from her stash, so while you see before you a completely commercial yarn, it is still a nice yarn. Could I have waited to spin my own? Of course not! When you have the urge, you knit.

A Long Tail

It’s been over a month in the making and now the last tail is woven in. I present to you, the finished tam! (That’s the “tail” part of the title.)


And here’s the “long.” I finally finished spinning the fall fleece.

What spurred this sudden completion? A new issue of Spin Off arrived and it mentioned a pattern I thought this fleece would look fabulous in.

In Which I Learn the Proper Way to Bind Off

Last night I finished the ribbing on the tam! Whoo-hoo! We were watching a movie at the time, so rather than check with my knitting sister before binding off, I confidently plunged ahead. Doing all “knit” bind-offs on a knit two purl two ribbing.
Give me credit, though. I did realize that it didn’t look so good after binding off about twenty stitches. The movie was almost over, so I carefully raveled back and rescued whatever had been messed up.

That took awhile, I can tell you, because I hadn’t mastered the art of using the needles as needles. I was stuck in crochet mode, so I would knit a stitch, pick up the back loop with my fingernails, and pull it over the new one.

Some of you are probably wincing. It made for very splitty yarn and very messy stitches.

Soysilk Sonnet

“Oh, I could write a sonnet about my Easter soysilk. . .” Wait a minute. That doesn’t rhyme.

Well too bad for the song because this soysilk is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It’s a bit of a challenge to spin up because it’s clingy like silk, but it falls apart easily. Explain that one. I’ll be holding a chunk of roving and blop—half of it falls to the floor. And the other half sticks to my shirt and jeans. But I learned its wily ways fast!