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Indigo, Here I Come

I’ve been eyeing the container of indigo for long enough. I am hereby starting a project especially marked for the dye pot. Here it is, in its brand-new beginning.

On The Drop Spindle

On The Drop Spindle

I’m taking what’s left of the pound of New Zealand wool roving (great stuff), and spinning it on the drop spindle. Hopefully it will come out at a decent DK weight, so I can dye it blue and use it in this pattern (with some slight modifications).

The goal is to get it all done before the weather gets too hot for me to wear the sweater. The only kicker is that around here that means I have until roughly the middle of March. Oh well. The little jar of dye calls.

Ah, The Possibilities

Ah, The Possibilities

Strauch Carders and Dyes by the Ounce

SAFF purchase details: Post #6

My dad and I stopped to talk to a gentlemen who was demonstrating the Strauch Drum Carders. He was a very nice man, and he explained the drum carding process very clearly. I came away from that knowing that if I ever get a drum carder, I’m getting a Strauch. The biggest reason is the “licker in” part. His is designed so the fiber won’t get caught in it. Now I just need an excuse to get it. Hmm.

Anyway, then we went to the Earth Guild place, and I bought some natural dye stuffs! A couple ounces of Cochineals, Indigo, and Cutch. (And, of course, a mordant and some stuff to make the indigo do its thing.) I can hardly wait to use them.

A Guild to Enjoy

Saturday afternoon my sister and I went to a handspinning guild and had one of the funnest times of my spinning life. There were quite a few ladies (and gentlemen!), and there must have been at least ten wheels. For the first part of the meeting we all just hung out and spun! I’m so glad I brought one of my drop spindles, otherwise it would have been rather boring. No, I take that back. I would probably have been able to step outside my comfort zone and go ask the ladies to show me how to do stuff.