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Almost Wings

Just as a quick update, I’ve been busily plying away on the Raven’s Wing yarn, and here is the result so far! That’s about three out of the five hundred yarns needed.

The tencel in the blend is giving the black fibers the same sheen as an actual feather! I could hardly believe it when I saw the first finished skein. And no worries about the glitz making it scratchy. I am so proud of this yarn!

A Tragic Day

Those of you with weak knitting stomachs may want to skip the first photograph and move on to the happier things below. The accident you are about to see was inevitable, I suppose. I just wasn’t expecting it quite this suddenly.

My first pair of hand knit socks, the ones knit for me by my sister from my first handspun sock yarn, sprung holes on a dark night a couple of days ago. And not just little holes. One of them is bigger around than a quarter.


So, now I’ve got to learn how to darn socks because there is no way I will just throw away those poor things. I cringe at the very thought! And I hope I can locate the little skein of extra yarn. It’s got to be around here somewhere.

A Gloomy Dye Lot

What with Christmas coming up I was way overdue for another dye run. And, can you believe it? I didn’t feel like dyeing things! Gasp. Earthquake. General turmoil and chaos. Hey, everyone gets bankrupt in the idea department at some point. I had a ton of things I wanted to dye, but I only summed up energy and time to do the first few.

One was a no-brainer. I wanted to add green to some pink/blue yarn I dyed way back when. Mix dye. Dump. Cook. Simple simple.