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I Seem To Have This Thing For Lace

I have a total of three laceweight spinning projects going on right now. The alpaca and silk you’ve seen, so here’s the new baby.

Angora cobweb fluffy laceweight. Ahhhhhhhh. You cannot believe how soft this yarn is when it’s plied. It’s like the tactile rendition of feeling warm and fuzzy inside!

I’m actually spinning this on a nifty contraption that a friend of mine plans to make available on Etsy. I’m not at liberty to divulge many of the juicy details, but I will say that I could not spin this delicate of a yarn on any of the other tools I have in the house.

The grand Etsy store updates continue! I just listed a couple more yarns, and soon a nice big order of fiber will come in, and I can start all over again. Hooray!

New Sock Yarns

And here they are, soon-to-be-released sock yarns. They will be going up on Etsy during the next couple of weeks. I am so, so happy with the way they turned out. Who knows, some of them might not make it to the store – they might be diverted into my slowly growing stash!

Really, though, I am even more excited about these sock yarns because of the amazing events leading up to their completion.

Twice As Blue

I realize you all might get bored with my constant forays into indigo, but this one was so astonishing in proportion that I can’t help blogging about it. I’m used to two, maybe three hours in the kitchen maximum with a pretty small amount of fibers to be dyed. Throw all that out the window and make room for two pounds of roving and an almost six-hour-long indigo run! There’s the mega bag of roving on the kitchen counter.

Yes, things got a little crazy. (The house smelled rather strongly afterward.) But things went pretty well. I had to dig up a five-gallon bucket to be able to keep enough fiber presoaked, and then I strung up a makeshift clothesline inside to give me enough drip-drying space.

So You Want To Spin?

Beginner’s Info: Part 1

So you want to learn to spin? Good for you. You’re about to be initiated into the wonderful craft of spinning. Or, to turn it into its most basic process, the art of taking a handful of something and making into gorgeous yarns.

If you’re interested in spinning, chances are you’ve at least seen a spinning wheel before. Maybe you watched someone at a Living History demonstration, or perhaps you have a friend who keeps babbling on about their wonderful wheel, or maybe (like me) you picked up a magazine and got sucked into a world of color and texture. However you developed the interest you want to get started. So now is the time for me to stop telling you how much fun you’ll have and give you some hard facts.

What is spinning?

Spinning is putting twist into something to make it form a new, stronger shape. You can spin with three blades of grass and your fingers. You can spin with long strips of fabric and a heavy rock. You can spin with your hair and a messed up curler. But none of these are the cool ways to do it.

If you want to begin spinning, you’re going to need three things. Something to spin into yarn, something with which to spin that thing into yarn, and something to tell you how to do it.

Spinning Fur

Last week was a tough one. Long and tiring. That’s why I’m so pathetically behind on this update. By the time I hit last Saturday I was ready to chill. Really chill. Chill to the point of not having the oomph to pump the treadle up and down. So, I sat on my bed with two or three big glasses of ice water and enjoyed a great book. At least, that was the idea.

I’d been trying to do some fiber-related something every day so I’d have lots of interesting things to blog about, and that afternoon I wound up pulling out the Aussie Fur. That stuff was incredible.


Okay, so that has a double meaning. I’ve made good progress on the fifty gram skein of sport weight. In fact, it’s done. HandspunBlankYarn

And I’ve made really good progress on the tam. Just an inch and a half of ribbing to do. Someone remind me when I get around to trying socks to pick a pattern that’s more interesting than “knit until piece measures six inches.” Call me picky, but when you’re not good enough to knit without looking, it gets rather boring.

More Colors

I did some more dyeing yesterday. Here are the two new colorways, Poppies and Copper Lake. That last practically designed itself. I started mixing colors and there it was!

Times Four



I’ve railed at myself to stop trying to do multiple dye colors in one day. I’ve threatened, groaned, said I had learned my lesson, and so on. It hasn’t done much good. I did four colorways in one day. However, I did them in two sets of two, so it wasn’t so bad. These are all fibers that will be going up on the Etsy store.

What IS Beginner's Luck?

I’ve heard the phrase “beginner’s luck” a lot. And I’ve thought I’ve had it several times. But this project is proving something to me. Beginner’s luck should be beginner’s pluck. It’s our drive to try something new and our passion to create that helps things turn out well. Whether on the first try or the hundredth. circularpartial

What brought this sudden rumination on was the apparent desire of my tam to inflict me with every single mistake known in the world of knitting. Which is okay. It gets them all out of the way faster. But if I hadn’t have been so excited about knitting my own hat I would have thrown it out the window long ago.

I’ve had to cast on twice, because we thought I’d twisted the stitches on the first round. I’ve done a few rows over three or four times. I dropped a stitch and didn’t notice until I’d knitted another four rows. (Thank you, sister of mine who can rescue lost stitches.)
I have a yarn over in the wrong spot. I’ve popped multiple stitches off the end of the double points. I’ve knitted the stitch marker into the hat. Twice. I used the wrong k3tog method. The only things I haven’t done yet are break a needle and cut through the hat.

Last Minute Gifts

In my humble opinion, the last minute gifts are best. Not the “Oops, I forgot. What should I get?” kind, but the unexpected, “Oh, by the way, here you go” kind. And I’ve gotten so many “Oh, by the way” these last few days I’m about ready to dance on a rooftop.

In my last post I mentioned that I was way behind schedule, and that I probably wouldn’t get any more spun on Christmas Eve. Well, we got home from the Christmas Eve service around nine, and by nine-thirty Dad decreed a late-night movie! We all trooped down to the TV room and spent two and half hours watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Do you know how much you can spin in that amount of time? In a word, a whole spool full of the black wool silk mix, which left me with a strip of roving a little over a yard long.