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Disappointment and Fiber


I have once again been reminded that dyeing is a ridiculously emotional art-form for some of us. Maybe it’s the chemicals. Maybe its the wet wool fumes or knowing we eventually have to stop and make supper. Or maybe (like today) it’s because almost everything you touch goes wrong.

Notice I say “wrong”, not “hideous.” I have to admit that some of the colorways I came up with are not at all horrible. (Like the one pictured above. It’s beautiful!) They’re just not what I expected.

I’m sure overloading the schedule had a lot to do with the inevitable break down. Now that I’m using a shiny new method for measuring the dyes, (which lets me make things more than once!) developing a new set of colors is a very time consuming process. As much of a bother as it is to haul all the dye equipment out and put it away, I really need to start breaking a typical dye session into two days or more. One day for developing the colorways on a few select skeins, and then the next in actually dyeing the bulk of products.

Hey, anything that will keep me from trying to get through three or four pounds worth of dyeing in one afternoon. All new combinations, or trying to recreate non-documented colors. Yep. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. I didn’t make it past the first pound or so.

Ah well. Tomorrow is another day. And I rather like how this one turned out, even thought it was supposed to be blue with green hints. (Too much yellow, you think?)


Dyeing and Friends

Incase you’re wondering, I wasn’t able to have my little sushi treat for lunch. The grocery store hadn’t made the rolls when I dropped by.

But, I got to spend a good four or five hours dyeing yesterday. Unfortunately, that means most everything is too wet to photograph, but I snagged a few pictures.

In Which The Tardy Author Apologizes

I did it again. I let this poor blog languish. I’m sorry! This is just plain ridiculous. All it seems to take is one instance of “I’ll do that later” and the whole blog avalanches over the precipice and into the dye water.

Speaking of, I’ve been very busy dyeing things since I got back from Colorado earlier this month. I haven’t done this large of a dye batch in a long time.
It stretched over two or three days. The first day was all sorts of fun, ha ha ha. I dyed four batches of various things, and of the four, none of them came out the color I was aiming for. God was so gracious in that they were still usable. They just weren’t coming out as intended. Rather frustrating at the time. I actually found myself not wanting to dye again. Ever. (Scary thought, no?)

But I took a day off from dyeing and tackled the rest with renewed vim, vigor, and some free choice in regards to colorways. In short: I got to play! Well, play with most of it.

More Colors

I did some more dyeing yesterday. Here are the two new colorways, Poppies and Copper Lake. That last practically designed itself. I started mixing colors and there it was!

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Yesterday my dad and I went to multiple stores and got all the stuff I need to begin washing the fleece and dyeing some roving I have stashed away. It cost a little more than I was anticipating, but it should last for quite awhile.

Washing and Dyeing Supplies

Washing and Dyeing Supplies

Two pots for washing and dyeing. A set of measuring cups and spoons (so I don’t get dye and grease on the regular cooking ones). Some wooden spoons for various stirring needs. Can lids to put on the pots of dye. A colander to rinse the wool in. Dawn and Simple Green for cleaning the raw fleece. (The Simple Green isn’t in the picture. It took a couple stops to find it. We finally located it at an Auto Parts store.) And finally some vinegar for the Jaquard Acid dyes. I’m all set to get started. Now all I need is time!

Clouds of Fleece



We did get to go to the sheep farm! I spent over three hours buried up to the wrists in all sorts of fleeces. You know you are officially a wool-lover when you can pick through a fleece to get out all the twigs and worse things and not mind it one bit. I had an absolute blast. And things got even better.

Romney Jackpot

I went to a craft show with my grandmother and two of my sisters. Guess what I had my eyes peeled for? Jewelry! No, I’m kidding. (Although there was some pretty stuff there.) I was looking for spinning fibers and I sure found them. There was literally only one place that had roving: Au Gres Sheep Factory. My sister stopped to look at some felted Christmas stockings hanging up outside the stall. I kept walking because I wasn’t all that interested, but on the other side of the stall I spotted two full fleeces. (Tibetian fleeces, actually. Very pretty, but one would have cost as much as my wheel.) I hurried back to the front of the stall and peered in. Two wonderful baskets sat on the floor filled with bags of wool. One basket had dyed roving in it, the other had natural.