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A Birthday Shawl

Remember those undyed batts I carded way back when? (A lovely blend of BFL, baby alpaca, and mohair.) Well, those batts are now being used! Yes, it’s been over a year, but I’ve been waiting for just the right project. Handspun yarn for a birthday shawl.

The shawl was supposed to be my dear aunt’s Christmas and birthday present, however both of those dates have passed, so I decided I’d better get hopping. The last thing I want to do is end up like I did with my last two “birthday gift” yarns and not deliver on them until after the next year’s birthday.

Batts, Anyone?

I’m running a sale on spinning batts over at maidenyarn.etsy.com. All the batts have been marked down and will remain on sale until May 1st!

A Week Of Fiber Carding

Well, my time with the drum carder ended yesterday, but not before I had carded somewhere in the vicinity of thirty-four batts. Not a bad amount, considering I had the carder for a week.

After the wooly mammoth hide experience (see last post) I did some online tutorial hunting in the hopes of coming up with a way to make less blended, but still great batts.

I came across a very helpful series of video how-tos, although I’m loath to post the links to them, as they’re rather hyper and there is a bit of language. Suffice it to say, I went back to the craftroom revved up and ready to go with my fist full of very helpful notes.

Here is the result. My lovely Rose Garden batt.

I found the success very inspiring. Especially because I could sing the song from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. “Up from the ashes, grow the roses of success. . . ”

I’m Going Batts!

Alright, everyone. Look out for a really excited spinner. While a good friend is traveling about the country, she volunteered to let me babysit this little beauty for her, and, um, sort of make sure it doesn’t forget how to run.

And I’m making sure! By the end of the first day (Sunday) I had thirteen batts in my possession. And I’ve got lots more fiber to take care of.

Last Minute Gifts

In my humble opinion, the last minute gifts are best. Not the “Oops, I forgot. What should I get?” kind, but the unexpected, “Oh, by the way, here you go” kind. And I’ve gotten so many “Oh, by the way” these last few days I’m about ready to dance on a rooftop.

In my last post I mentioned that I was way behind schedule, and that I probably wouldn’t get any more spun on Christmas Eve. Well, we got home from the Christmas Eve service around nine, and by nine-thirty Dad decreed a late-night movie! We all trooped down to the TV room and spent two and half hours watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Do you know how much you can spin in that amount of time? In a word, a whole spool full of the black wool silk mix, which left me with a strip of roving a little over a yard long.

A Brief Interlude

Despite the progress I’ve made on the Rebecca wool, I don’t think I can get it all ready to go in the next two weeks. I’m up to nine spindle-fulls, though!


So, I decided to take a quick break from Rebecca and tackle the Gawain batt.

Merino Bamboo

SAFF purchase details: Post #2

The next place I stopped was Whorling Tides. She had some beautiful, beautiful stuff. I walked past, glanced into the booth and saw this.

Merino Bamboo Blend

Merino Bamboo Blend

Carders and Wool

Well, the carders arrived yesterday and they were a bit more beat up than I thought they would be. (In appearance, at least.) We gave them a good cleaning, and my dad is going to help me straighten some of the hooks out and rehydrate the leather that the hooks are embedded in.

Antique Carders

Antique Carders