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Drum Carding Madness

During the first week of August I was granted the privilege of having a very good spinning friend come to visit, and she brought her drum carder.

Behold the fruits of our labor.


And, not only did she bring the drum carder, but she brought some more Aussie fur, some llama, and some cotton for me! I was in fiber heaven with a marvelous friend to play with. (Thanks, Legossi!) Here are the cotton batts (the white) and some batts of from the Iowa fleece. They’re nice and fluffy!
The cotton batts were rather fun. Legossi brought lots of cotton from the inside of pill bottles. Some of it carded up really well, and some of it did a really weird sort of disintegrating lump thing. All in all I wound up with five or six of them. I’m eager to see how they spin up.

We did attempt a test to see if running the fibers in tip first, cut end first, or sideways made any difference. (In other words, after hearing that there were so many opinions I was dying of curiosity.) We found that, with this particular drumcarder, cut end first worked best. There didn’t seem to be much difference between tip or cut end first on the carding level. I don’t know how it would look on the spinning level. And we tried sideways and got a big mess.

The Heel Turned

Ta-da! Behold the latest in footwear fashions. (No, the photo is not sideways.) The unique design enhances ankle warmth and circulation while leaving your toes to cool off and wiggle about as they desire. The spikes protect from any little nippy dogs, and the ball of yarn drags along in case you have a sudden knitting urge.

Yes, I’m planning to finish it. And its mate. This one will have some queer little lumps and bumps in it. Things like “repeat rows A and B until x amount remains on the needles” should not be listed after “continue.” What do they think I am? A knitting guru? Ahem. Well, anyway, it seems to be turning out despite the difficulties. I can get it on. And off.

I’m enjoying knitting something that small. I like tiny things. Tiny stitches, tiny needles, tiny yarn. I even have a pattern picked out for the next pair! It’ll be a very special pair due to the fiber choice. (More on that later.)

Something Called "Yarn Weight"?

Whew. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about any personal projects. And as a result, quite a few posts have racked up, so hold onto your hats!

I finished spinning these lovely skeins. They’re from the Iowa fleece (the same fleece I’m working on washing) and have a great feel to them. I spun them on the Walking Wheel.
The only problem is that I didn’t pay very close attention to the size of the singles as I spun. A little “weight shift” occurred between the skeins. Keen-eyed yarn lovers may notice I have one skein that is thin for the most part, and two that are mainly thick. (I say mostly and mainly because they were “fun” yarns. The kind I don’t grapple with tooth and nail to get the lumps and inconsistencies out.) I’m itching to get these into a dye pot of some kind, but I don’t know what for. Lately all my yarns have been spun and dyed with certain projects in mind. This lends itself well to the careful and responsible use of all and sundry fluff.

But I really just want to slap those babies into the kettle and have fun with them.

Sock Yarn

The sock yarn arrived, and I’ve dyed two skeins of it. I’ve still got one lace weight skein and a superwash skein to dye. I wish I had a few dozen more of these to do. They’re so much fun!

It’s getting into birthday season!


I decided to go back to the yarn store so I could buy a magazine that had the tam pattern in it. (I could have copied it out of my Aunt’s magazine, but I figured I might as well buy it. That way I can have the other nice patterns, too.)

I was standing at the checkout, minding my own business, when they sucker-punched me. Well, I guess I just shouldn’t have looked down. My mistake. lincolnbatt
An entire shelf of fluffy gray batts. Natural grays in lights and darks. Lustrous grays. Lincoln grays. Yes, one came home with me. The fiber’s a little . . . not necessarily coarser, but more durable than most of the ones I’ve worked with before.

It’s my first Lincoln wool; I’m not quite sure what to do with it other than pet it. (And hope the little furry thing doesn’t turn out to be a Tribble.) It’s too coarse for spinning laceweight, but there’s only an ounce there, so whatever I make it’ll have to be for a small project. Maybe trim or a contrasting color for something.

Heigh Ho, and Away We Go

And now, back after a long absence, I bring you the reluctant blogger. Sorry about that, everyone. I’ve been just plain lazy, doing odds and ends and juggling work schedules and what not. So, I’m going to attempt to change that. I’m now going to start thinking of projects as “long weekend” things instead of “squeeze them in whenever.” The old “set a goal and accomplish it” ply. I mean ploy. See? It’s working already.

So, here is the first break’s goal.

Two Projects to Finish

Two Projects to Finish

Finish spinning and plying the merino/silk batt, and preferably knit it into a scarf. And, since I don’t seem to know when to stop, I also want to knit the shiny red yarn into a scarf for a friend of mine. It’s spun from the roving I dyed with the cochineal. You may have noticed, I used the “k” word twice! Yes, I’m serious about this knitting thing. Therefore, both scarves will be knit as practice for the sweater I’m planning to make. And before you say “Another sweater? ” let me explain. It will not be another sweater, but a re-do. I’m unraveling the teal Rebecca sweater.

I’ll wait for you to collect your wits.

Are we good now? Okay. Let me explain.

Back In The Groove

I never thought I could get out of the habit of spinning incessantly, but somehow I managed it while we had company for two weeks. I am now trying to get back in as fast as possible. Here’s the second bobbin-full of merino. That thing is so soft!

Merino Bobbins

Merino Bobbins

And then I pulled the Walking Wheel out from where it had been buried during the visit (it takes up our entire living room, so we had to move it temporarily) and was planning to start in on the alpaca again.

I Have Socks

Well, of course I have socks, but I’m referring to a very special pair. A gorgeous pair. Of the “thick-warm-squishy homespun” kind.

The Finished Gawain Socks

The Finished Gawain Socks


I have worked with the alpaca and come out on top. I have conquered, and I’m loving it.

A Bobbin of Joy

A Bobbin of Joy

It’s really weird how different it is from regular wool. I can’t think of how to describe it expect that it’s “buttery-er” than wool. It kind of slides along. I’ve been spinning it on the Walking Wheel.

The original idea was to try for a sport weight yarn, but I don’t know if that’s what this will turn out as. I spun a gazillion little samples to see what the best amount of twist would be. (And promptly forgot which sample went with which amount of twist.) But, the alpaca seems to be behaving, and I’m getting pretty good at separating out the coarser, slippery hairs. Wait, that sounds funny—how can something be slippery and coarse? . . . but that’s really the only way I can describe it.

Time To Block

I made a ton of progress on the Jester batt yesterday. In fact, it’s all spun into singles and almost half of it is plyed. I just love the brown and copper look of the finished product.