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Spring Scarf


While I was getting ready to make the previous scarf, I had an idea for a fun spring/summer design to create on a chiffon. The idea was vaguely inspired by cherry blossoms and tiny spring flowers, and involved having tiny white circles dotting one end of the scarf. As you can see, it worked.

I’m thinking I might offer these for sale for this coming spring. Any idea on what colors? I’m liking the green, although I might go a bit softer with it. A nice, distinctive pink would be pretty. Something between peach and petal. And a soft, French blue-grey would be gorgeous. Maybe a golden-yellow, like a mango? Does anyone even wear mango?

Another Scarf

I read about a really interesting technique of shibori that involved pleating, so here’s my take on that. I couldn’t just follow the basics, so I tossed in some tying and came up with what I will call “Rebekah’s attempt at making as complicated and amazing a scarf as possible.”

For this project I used a different kind of silk scarf. One that is called “Habotai” and has a slicker, shinier surface than the chiffon. (Now there’s a tongue twister for you.) I figured it would hold the pleating better than the filmy chiffon kind.

I decided to start off with ironing the fabric into some fan shaped pleats, in the hope that I’d get some fracture-looking lines from the dye running along them.


On The Prowl

The ridiculous thing about being such a crafts oriented person is that you don’t know when enough is enough. When are too many crafts too many? Why can’t I have time and resources to do it all? These (and other deep questions of the universe) have been on my mind lately. Between starting the silk scarf dyeing, and getting sidetracked into metal stamping if you can believe that, things are close to being out of hand.

(No, I didn’t order the metal stamping stuff. But I’m looking for a good excuse to get my hands on some.)

Suffice it to say, I love making things. Period. I already sew, quilt, make costumes, spin, dye, bead, bookbind, crochet, knit, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few. Basket weaving and pottery are on the “someday maybe” list. While stuff like glassblowing and blacksmithing are sort of hovering on the fringe. (I love the way the finished projects look, I’m just not a “hand me a glowing hot glob of metal or glass” kind of gal.) And I’m really starting to wonder if that’s a good idea. The plethora of crafts – not the glowing hot glass.

I can say, however, that I rarely have more than one of my hobbies going on at the same time. It goes in spurts, and all I have to do to get back into something is walk to the appropriate part of the house, open up a magic stash pile, and bing bang boom! Back in business.

All that’s well and good, but someday I might move out. Can you imagine stuffing all those crafting supplies into an apartment or tiny house? Yipes.

So what are your thoughts? When is it too much?

Silk Scarf Dyeing


Here’s a quick tutorial I put together on my recently learned method of dyeing silk chiffon scarves. –

Christmas Time is Here

Bonus points if you’re suddenly seeing the Peanuts cartoon.


Cinnamon Spice

My Father brought home some new tea yesterday. Tazo’s “Sweet Cinnamon Spice”, and believe me, it’s wonderful. The perfect thing for a crisp morning when biscuits are in the oven. The tea smells every bit as good as those cinnamon scented pinecones (the ones you walk by in stores and have to remind yourself over and over that they’re not edible) but it doesn’t taste as garishly cinnamon as some other cinnamon drinks. With a touch of honey, it’s beautiful.

This week has been a little more laid back than usual, but I don’t mind that at all. Friday will be a dye day, with some “hired to dye” yarns in various colorways.

But last week I was able to dye a whole bunch of my Fall yarns, and I am thrilled to report that the new yarn bases behaved themselves better than expected. Here are three of the new single-ply fingerings –


And here is one of the two-ply superwash skeins. This one took the colors just like I thought it would – lots of brilliance and depth, and it held color changes quite nicely. I still really want to make something for myself from a skein of this yarn, and I finally found the perfect pattern. Now I just need to decide what color I want!


A Typical Day at the Dyes

I’ve been dyeing lots and lots of yarn lately. And I do mean a lot. Between the thirty-odd skeins for Knitting With Jane, my Aunt’s visit, and getting in fall stock. . . yes. You get the idea. So, here is what a typical day of dyeing might looks like for me.

New Yarns!

I’ve gotten a couple new yarn bases for Fall, and they are delightful! They’re both fingering weight, and will be carried in my Maiden Yarn store.


This one is a very smooshy single-ply of a wool and nylon blend. I think it would make gorgeous scarves, cowls, or even a shawl. I’ve already gotten to dye some up as a test, and this yarn is begging to be dyed in rich tones of a kettle-dyed nature.

As a side note – I will also be carrying a more familiar fingering base. The 70/30 merino/silk blend I’ve had in before. It’s a nice four-ply, non-superwash yarn with a little bit of shine to it. Lovely lovely.

In case you’re wondering, I’m moving Maiden Yarn to mainly fingering weight (my favorite to knit with) and spinning fiber at the beginning of October. It’ll simplify things for me, and allow me to offer a wider range of colors in the same weight (if not same fiber blend) of yarn. Plus, who doesn’t like fingering and sock weight?

I’m really rather excited, but I shall try to remain rational.

Fall Is. . .

. . . a time for hot apple cider and the tangy snap of cinnamon. A season of whispering cold, trickling smoke, and utterly schizophrenic winds.

Mornings when I wake up toasty warm under the comforter and have the luxury of deciding whether to huddle there awhile longer, or burst out into the chilly day and fill it with sparks.

Leaves crackling, smooshing, fluttering, and blowing. A time when every fallen leaf has a story and its own distinct face.

A time for packing away memories of the summer, opening last year’s “leavings” chest, and pulling out new ideas and old acquaintances.

The gleam of golden afternoon light on dark wood, and blue glass vases full of chrysanthemums.

The memory that, once again, I will probably never get around to planting pansies and snapdragons for winter, but that I’ll still enjoy thinking about it.

Now. How to turn all of that into color.

Twelve Days in Colorado

My twelve days in Colorado were beautiful, fun-filled, and entirely too short. They were also filled with the ups and downs of things like rattlesnake sightings, frozen yogurt, dinner in a room with around two hundred people, twinkle lights, self-locking room doors, vocal kitties, and many friends. In short, can I go back for another visit now?


We spent our first few days in the Springs area, visiting friends and doing fun little trips during the day. One of which including the Rocky Mountain Zoo, and yours truly got to feed a giraffe. I’m very grateful the giraffe seemed to know the difference between lettuce and my shawl.

And, I should point out, that the majority of the giraffes were taller than that one. The others could reach right over the fence and give you the full benefit of their liquid brown eyes. These little guys, on the other hand, gave you the full benefit of these hungry little mouths trying so hard to reach the lettuce – how’s a girl supposed to decide?

Oh, and that shawl is a present from the family that went to Israel. Isn’t it pretty? I wore it so much during the conference. (Or “Moot”, as we call our Colorado get-together.)