The Cast of Characters


I started spinning on August 4th, 2008, and haven’t stopped since. Unless you count brief interludes for eating and sleeping. (Funny how those things get in the way, isn’t it?) Prior to spinning I quilted, beaded, crocheted, tatted, and wrote novels. I’m sure I’ll do those things again eventually, but for now I have more fiber in my closet!

My Wheel:

A double-drive, Saxony style wheel. Currently covered in the remains of a faux finish. (We got it from an antiques dealer.) A bit creaky and wobbly, but it gets the job done. And has a lot of character.

My Spindles:

A large bottom whorl, unfinished wood. I don’t know its weight because it is currently full of yarn, but as soon as it gets emptied I shall weigh it.

A smaller, top or bottom whorl, also unfinished wood. It’s served me well from the beginning.
-and it now has a twin!

The Big One:

An antique Great Wheel, also known as a Walking Wheel. It stands roughly five feet tall by five feet long and has been demanding my time, fiber, love, and attention ever since it came into the house.