The Dust Clears: Fiber Journal Entry 1

Hello, everyone! It feels like it’s been ages since I closed down Maiden Yarn. A few new life directions moved in, and knitting and spinning (even recreationally) slipped through the cracks. But just the other day, while browsing some Ravelry patterns, I got bit by the fiber bug again. Hard.

It started innocently enough. Just finding a sock pattern (or two or three) that I really liked. Then I realized that in a few days I was going to be on a plane to Colorado, and I really enjoy working on smaller knitting projects when I travel. Perfect! Dig through my stash, select a lucky yarn and pattern, and I was set.

Well, almost. You know that annoying moment when you realize you’ve left your stash alone so long your yarn tastes have changed? Yeah. . . I was a little less than inspired. There was one gorgeous deep red batch, but it just wasn’t speaking the words I need to hear.

What did I do? Well, you might laugh, but I decided to spin my own. Yep, five or six days to lift off, and I wanted to spin sock yarn. And I did it. Mwahahaha.


Three different batches of leftover inventory from Maiden Yarn merged together to become this subtle beauty. Pale leafy greens, deep teal-blues, and the occasional streak of deep purple or lavender. The really cool part? It actually panned out at a gauge of eight stitches an inch. How often does that happen?

I have two balls of this stuff – well, one ball and one hank (hanks fit into suitcases much more easily) – a fistfull of size 2 needles, and a pattern decision to make. I’m leaning towards just using one of the basic patterns and pick a fun ribbing or rib/cable design for the leg. I’ve been out of the knitting game for so long it might pay to start out slow. And hopefully starting out slow will translate to actually finishing the project. I do so love hand knit socks.


Yarn specs: Two ply, hand spun, hand dyed. Fingering to light sport weight. Blend of superwash merino, bamboo, nylon, corriedale, and possibly some blue face leicester. Stashbuster.

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  1. Aunt Debbie
    April 16, 2013 | 11:23 pm

    Very nice colors! make sure you post a pic of the socks! I am scheduled to teach a class in may on doing socks using the Magic Loop Technique so I am knitting socks again! Love to you, have a good trip.

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