Another Scarf

I read about a really interesting technique of shibori that involved pleating, so here’s my take on that. I couldn’t just follow the basics, so I tossed in some tying and came up with what I will call “Rebekah’s attempt at making as complicated and amazing a scarf as possible.”

For this project I used a different kind of silk scarf. One that is called “Habotai” and has a slicker, shinier surface than the chiffon. (Now there’s a tongue twister for you.) I figured it would hold the pleating better than the filmy chiffon kind.

I decided to start off with ironing the fabric into some fan shaped pleats, in the hope that I’d get some fracture-looking lines from the dye running along them.


The trick with ironing or pressing the pleats is that silk doesn’t like extreme heat. I used a low setting, mainly steam, and didn’t stick around too long in any one place. Basically, I used it to sort of ‘draw” the lines which I then tacked down with a needle and thread.

As a side note, I found it a little easier to stack up a whole section of folds and hit it once with the iron, than trying to fold and press each individual line. The individual way I spent way too much time accidentally flattening my previous creases.


Then I tied a whole bunch of cotton thread bits on the diagonal along the whole length of the scarf, giving me something akin to a very unusual spine.


After swishing this around in mild fabric detergent and rinsing it out, I squirted dyes directly on it. Gold ochre, chestnut, black, red, and teal all went into this, then I plopped it into a pot of hot water, gave it a couple stirs, and let it simmer away.


The brown proceeded to go crazy and swallow up everything in sight. When I pulled it out to rinse any excess dyes away, it literally looked like a pile of those dark, shiny brown leaves you see in winter puddles.


Then I took the ties off and pulled out the running stitches. And got this.


Cool, eh? I will be playing with this more – I think a crimson red will be in order – but I got these amazing fan-shaped color swathes due to the pleating and tying.

So, lesson learned – my “gentle pleating” method didn’t do much for direction the dye colors, but it did allow me to tie nice semi circles. Also, watch out for the chestnut dye. It’s rabid.

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  1. Aunt Debbie
    December 24, 2011 | 11:15 pm

    Once again you have shown your amazing God given creative talents! Beautiful beautiful beautiful. And I mean YOU and your talent!

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