Twelve Days in Colorado

My twelve days in Colorado were beautiful, fun-filled, and entirely too short. They were also filled with the ups and downs of things like rattlesnake sightings, frozen yogurt, dinner in a room with around two hundred people, twinkle lights, self-locking room doors, vocal kitties, and many friends. In short, can I go back for another visit now?


We spent our first few days in the Springs area, visiting friends and doing fun little trips during the day. One of which including the Rocky Mountain Zoo, and yours truly got to feed a giraffe. I’m very grateful the giraffe seemed to know the difference between lettuce and my shawl.

And, I should point out, that the majority of the giraffes were taller than that one. The others could reach right over the fence and give you the full benefit of their liquid brown eyes. These little guys, on the other hand, gave you the full benefit of these hungry little mouths trying so hard to reach the lettuce – how’s a girl supposed to decide?

Oh, and that shawl is a present from the family that went to Israel. Isn’t it pretty? I wore it so much during the conference. (Or “Moot”, as we call our Colorado get-together.)

After everyone arrived, our group caravanned out to the gorgeous “Glen Eyrie” for the majority of the writing conference. Below to the right you’ll see a picture of the castle itself, in which we had our meals, either in the official dining room or the foyer. (As long as we had our little schedules and remembered to check, we usually wound up in the right room at the right time.) Apparently there is a lot of interesting history around this castle, and its original owners, but I didn’t sign up for the tour, so I only got bits and pieces of the story.


I did come to the conclusion, however, that I definitely want a big stone porch like the one this had. (See the people over on the left hand side of the picture? Right there.) It’s actually more like a giant patio or terrace, really. Lots of wrought iron tables and benches, a little fountain, and strings of twinkle lights. Happy happy.

The area around the Glen was lovely. Lots and lots of flowers. Everywhere I turned there were pots of snapdragons or petunias, or the Colorado flowers I’m not familiar with. It was so cool seeing an entirely different set of wild flowers!


Quick word on the photo – the majority of these were taken by one of my sisters, or another friend at the Moot. I didn’t even bring a camera!

And, on a different note, yes I did form an instant addiction to frozen yogurt. In fact, there’s a new place called “Five Spot” that just went in about fifteen minutes from our house, and I will definitely be checking it out.

All in all, the trip was very peaceful, despite the occasional kerfuffles that tend to happen anywhere. On that trip it was easier to see that the difficulties were part of God’s master plan, and to see His hand protecting us. And I had a remind of His protection on a much more personal level.

One night, after some very good workshops, my heart was full of praise and worship for God, and I just had to dance. So I waited until everyone else had headed back to the lodge, then found a nice big patch of lawn with a streetlamp, kicked off my sandals, popped in my iPod, and danced. It was lovely. When I was done, I grabbed my stuff, went back, and thought no more about it. Then, in the days following, we started having rattlesnake sightings. One of which was on the exact same lawn I had danced on.

Now, I don’t know if there were any snakes around when I danced, but the fact that I’m still here today makes me more than a little excited. Somehow, someway, God kept me from twirling right onto a rattler’s tail. And I’m very grateful.

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