As I discovered this last week, the proverbial “start-itis” syndrome is not limited to knitting. On the contrary, it seems to be a hobby-wide problem.

Forget hobbies, it’s a lifestyle-wide issue! I’ve been having so many ideas for new projects that I feel like they’re shooting out of my ears and ricocheting wildly off the walls. Sweaters, socks, blog posts, Twitter, fairs… will someone please make me stop? Or just get a notebook out and write down the ideas. (Although there is a drawback with that. I’m the type of person who sees no gap between having an idea and acting upon it. To think is to do. Sitting on a notebook full of ideas is just plain irritating.) (Really.)

But, that’s what I’m having to do these days. I know it’s a good thing to think things over (and definitely pray about them before starting); I’m just having difficulty discerning what needs to happen because I want to discern it at my own pace. I want snap decisions. Paper handed down from God with “do such and such” written on it. But, obviously, that’s not the way I’m supposed to get instructions, otherwise I’d be getting it like that. So back to the notebook for me.

I must admit, waiting has proved its worth on numerous occasions. Lots of ideas that seemed like the only thing at the time have lost their warmth and excitement. Circumstances have changed. Money has or has not been there. God is still in control. (I’ve got to get my head wrapped around that. Or rather, He has to wrap my head around that for me. I know I can’t get it on my own.)

So there is my case of start-itis on a non-physical level. Moving on to fiber—

I pulled out the Emily Dickinson shawl a few days ago, and, once I’d scooped up all the little copper beads that fell out of the project bag, I started casting on. About one hundred and twenty of the five hundred something stitches. And that is where it is sitting currently. Despite my hankerings for a nice big laceweight wrap. Despite the fact that the only other knitting project I have going on is the final Hedgerows sock, and a re-do on a hat. At least, I think those are the only ones. Oh, and the little scarf I’m weaving on a plastic loom I’ve had since I was eight.

True, I am hankering for another knitted sweater. But I really can’t afford more yarn, so I’d have to tear apart my stash to dig up enough fiber. Ah me. So many projects, so little fiber/cash/time/yarn/coupons/time/motivation/time.

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