Alpaca From The Fleece

I recently decided to start spinning up some of the gorgeous cinnamon alpaca that a very good friend gave me, and I thought I’d share the process I’m using. When I get a chance to sit down with my wheel, it goes something like this.

First, admire the lovely flowers the little boy I babysit gave me for Valentine’s Day, and consider making him a crocheted blanket (not alpaca) since he took such a shine to the last crocheted blanket project I took along to work on. It might be a good idea to do that sometime soon. I mean, when he likes the blanket enough to ask if it’s for him, for his mom, for his little brother, or for his big brother, I can kind of see a broad hint in the there.

Second, relegate the blanket thoughts to the back of my mind and transfer my attention to this . . .
(I will wait for the ooohs and aaahs to die down.)

These are sections of the fleece that I carefully detached from the bag-full and laid on end in a nice green tray. Not only does it keep the fibers neat, it collects the dust, and doesn’t look half bad to boot. Hooray for being crafty and, at the same time, looking sharp.

Third, choose a small section of the locks and hang on for dear life while combing and fluffing up one end.

And I pay special attention to not let the comb pull the fiber from my hand. Then it gets messy. Then I repeat the process for the other end so the entire lock is beautiful and soft and any bits of hay have fallen out.

Fourth, having amassed a few handfuls or so of these fluffed-up locks, I lay them all on top of each other (ends still pointing the same way) and roll them up from side to side like a scroll. Actually, more like a cinnamon roll.

Then I pull it out into a gorgeous, fluffy, lighter-than-air mini-roving.

This, of course, goes onto the spinning wheel with eager anticipation.

I’ve gotten only a few spare moments here and there to work on it, but I’m very excited to see how this yarn turns out. I’m spinning it low-twist, so it’ll be a very soft yarn. Or smooshy, if you want the highly technical term.

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