Knitting On The Horizon

Believe it not, I haven’t forgotten about my knitting projects. I just pulled this sock project back out from the closet and started back in. Since then I’ve turned the heel and gotten a ways into the foot part. This is the “Hedgerow” pattern, and I rather like it. I ran into some trouble on the heel flap, but that was probably an operator error as opposed to a glitch in the knitting pattern.

The yarn is knitting up really nicely too. All these deep grays and blues. Lovely!

And I’ve got another pattern begging to be made. I’ve never really been big into fingerless gloves.
I mean, they’re neat articles of clothing and all, but they didn’t do much for me personally. Then I saw this pattern. And my non-glovey self said, “Self, if you were to wear fingerless gloves, those would be them. So you might as well buy the pattern.”

Ta-da! “The Last of The Sky Pirates” fingerless gloves. Cool, no? I’m particularly fond of the little buttons down the side. (I borrowed the photo from the Etsy listing.) The construction looks pretty unique. At least as far as my experience goes. You use straights and DPNs.

Once I got the pattern I wasn’t sure what yarn I’d want to use for it, and then I dyed this.

Oh yeah. Thankfully it was a two-skein batch, so I’m keeping one of “Beryl,” and the other goes in the store. I’ll be taking this project along on a trip to Missouri. And I have extra incentive to finish it while I’m gone, as I’m borrowing the needles from my knitting sister, and she’ll want them back as soon as we return. No pressure! Thankfully my knitting time includes the lengthy car ride.

At this point in my post I would like to show you photos of the progress I’ve made on my Fall Shawl. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it to take photos. I know it’s around here somewhere. And I managed to find the extra “not in-use” skeins of yarn for it. But somehow it’s vanished. I sincerely hope it’s not in the depths of my closet somewhere. This may call for a full-out closet reorganization. With new storage facilities.

I may as well admit it. My closet is a mess again. A jungle of fiber and yarn. I’m seriously considering doing another New Year’s Dash spin-a-thon this year, but with a catch. The yarns I’m spinning have to be spun with a final project in mind. Otherwise they’ll just increase my yarn stash and I won’t be any better off. Time to start finding projects for smaller batches of thick yarn!

And, to complicate the issue, I did just buy more fiber. I know! I know. But wait until you see it. I mean, you can’t pass this up, can you? Four ounces of art batts with glitter and beads and neps and absolutely amazing stuff in them. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

No clue what I’ll do with them. But gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. These are from PrancingPixel, and she is one of the nicest people ever. Look what she gave me as a bonus gift!
This is a kit from her “Spin a Steampunk Necklace” contest. It’s a lovely little batt, and I can’t wait to do something with it. Probably not a necklace, as I’m not a big “spun necklace” person, but I think I might turn it into a coffee mug cozy. Particularly as it comes with these adorable little charms and beads. Coolest mug cozy ever? I think so.

Actually, it would be a hot chocolate and tea mug cozy. Still can’t get into coffee. I tried again the other day and could barely finish half the cup. Too bitter! I need my sweet.

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  1. Linda Burklin
    December 30, 2010 | 10:57 pm

    It’s been a long time since you had a new post up here . . . .

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