She’s Alive!

Hello, everyone. I wish I could say I’ve been spending these last months in darkest Peru, learning the secret arts of cochineal dyeing, but that would be far from the truth. The truth of the matter is that . . . (are you sitting down?) I’ve not been knitting or spinning much, if at all.

There. The painful bit is over. And so is the silence of the blogger! I didn’t have many projects of a fibery nature going, therefore I had nothing to blog about, therefore I didn’t blog, which led to more ventures into non-fiber hobbies, and you get the idea. It really was the Bermuda Triangle there for a bit. But, everyone needs a little lull from life-consuming hobbies at least once in a while, and I’ve had my lull. Now clear the pool, I’m coming in!

I spent a fairly decent portion of the last two weeks spinning the above result. Feast your eyes on the first skein of indigo dyed merino! Yes, it’s actually there. This is not a photoshop stunt. I finished skein number one. And it’s five ply. And it’s in the proper weight. (I think.) Yay! Triumph!
The rest of the project is on hold while I send this one to its new owner so she can test knit it and see if it will work.

Remember the dilemma I faced about what to take on the Texas trip? Well, I wound up taking along some gorgeous stormy blue sock yarn and the Hedgerow sock pattern. On the trip I wound up with a grand total of the leg of one sock. Now I’m waffling between knitting away on the almost finished pair of brown socks, and the really pretty but not nearly begun blue sock, resulting in a virtual stalemate.

And do you like my cool, double sock photo? It caused quite a bit of humor in the house when the batteries in my camera died right after I wrangled the socks on. I had to pick up an attached ball of yarn in each hand and walk clear to the other side of the building with my spiked anklets. I felt rather like a dangerous marionette.

By the by, if you’re wondering what non-fibery hobbies distracted me, here’s one of them. I took up bookbinding and made these two journals.

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  1. Linda Burklin
    June 18, 2010 | 4:56 pm

    Can’t wait to see the indigo yarn–it looks gorgeous! And I love your new journals also.

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