Garbage Bags

To lots of people garbage bags carry negative connotations. They symbolize things thrown away, things unwanted, smashed cereal boxes, banana peels, yesterday’s bacon grease, and other smelly things.

But, for spinners there is a magic about garbage bags because, when found in the right places, they usually contain fiber in vast quantities. Quantities so large, your ordinary bag won’t hold them. Sound exciting?

Well, while in Texas I was given an early birthday present. Two garbage bags full of cinnamon colored alpaca. Oh my goodness. Major fluffy soft.

And I even have a project idea for it! But, before I get to new project time, I have to overcome another project. Remember the indigo dyed merino? It’s decided to haunt me for some reason.

I had four lovely full bobbins spun and reeled off, awaiting their moment to shine. Imagine my dismay when I began plying them only to discover that something had happened. Somewhere along the line they had lost a large amount of their twist to the point of not being able to wrap around each other. Easily fixed, right? Just run them through the wheel again?

It wasn’t that simple. Because somehow, someway, I had spun every single one of those spools in the wrong direction.


I must have begun spinning it before I learned the proper direction to spin the singles. Technically you can spin them both ways, yes, but commercial yarns stick to one way because – according to my sources – that’s the easiest way to work with as a knitter or crocheter. Something to do with the way the yarn behaves when it’s wrapped around the needle.


So. I’m over five months and four bobbins into it and having to start again. I’m seriously thinking I’ll make it a three ply instead of trying to manage a five ply. That would make things go a little quicker, but it would mean a less finely plied yarn. MamaMentor, do you have a preference?

2 Responses to Garbage Bags
  1. Linda Burklin
    May 20, 2010 | 8:02 pm

    I’ll take however many plies you choose to do! I feel awful that this has ended up being such a huge project for you!

  2. Rebekah
    May 21, 2010 | 1:28 pm

    Oh, don’t feel awful! *hugs* Who could tell it would decide to be obstinate? Thank you for your patience while I muddle through it.

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