Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve been having an absolutely top-hole new year! (Yes, I’ve been watching a lot of British comedy lately. Why do you ask?) It’s been downright cold around here. We even got some snow a few nights ago, and it covered the back porch in a whopping half-inch deep drift.

Well, for my New Year’s Dash I got the sum total of about three quarters of the superwash merino sock yarn spun. Ta-da!

Next year, I start earlier.

I did, however, get the start of the first draft of that spinning article I mentioned. And I also got a pretty good chunk of the black llama deguarded. That wasn’t on my list, I know, but hey, it’s still spinning related.

The nice pile of chosen and selected fibers is still teetering on my desk, so I have decided that this month shall be a spinning month. The idea is to see how much of that pile I can spin before February, while keeping things fun. If spinning becomes a stress factor we have a major problem.

And, on the complete opposite of a problem, look at what came in a surprise package from a very dear friend! (Thank you, Lina!) A skein of KnitPicks Palette yarn in marine heather, and some beautiful scraps of various KnitPicks Shimmer yarns. Yum yum yum. And beads. I love beads.

I have to admit, of the bunch I’m most drawn to the this gorgeous one at the moment. Allow me a very long, contented sigh.

Today was washing day for the various hand knitted items I have accumulated over the last year or so. The two pairs of socks I made, and the two pairs of socks and pink sweater that my sister made for me. The Mini Moochi socks got really hairy after being washed. I must have roughed them up a bit in the water. They’re superwash, so no one panic. I may go through and snip off some of the biggest bumps, just because no one wants hairy socks. Yuck.

A couple days ago I went to JoAnn Etc. and bought knitting needles! So much for trying not to spend anything this month.
But I needed them for a couple of projects. Remember that cowl neck sweater I talked about a while ago? Well, two of these needles will go to that. Now I’m all ready for the yarn to get here! I wound up going with Knitpicks Swish yarn instead of the Webs variety, for various and sundry reason. A good one being that the Swish yarn is superwash.

The yarn will be in the clematis heather colorway… as long as Knitpicks doesn’t pull a surprise switch-a-roo or the mail truck doesn’t get held up by rabid New Year stash builders.

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