What Next? Swedish?

I sure can pick the knitting patterns. The one I finally decided on for my blue cowl is in French. Thankfully it’s a little easier to decipher than those German socks. DSCN0630

And I’ve got almost an inch and a half done! (Hey, it’s the little victories that count.) Not to mention it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred and ninety tiny little stitches. And the mohair makes for terrible ripping back. Avoid ripping back this yarn at all costs! Even if it means creating stitches out of nowhere. Which I have done. *cough cough* And need I point out that I had to cast on three times? I have yet to master the long tail cast on in terms of estimating how much tail to use. Thankfully I didn’t get anything twisted.

And hey! Notice? I used every single one of those gorgeous stitch markers.
Both the amethyst and the blue set. Happy happy happy. My knitting sister claims that using a marker every pattern repeat is overkill, but need I remind the world that I’m only on my . . . *calculating* seventh or eight knitting project since I picked up knitting again? Since I picked up knitting after multiple years on the crochet side? I rest my case.

My fiber and yarn stash is way overdue for a reorganization and thorough inventory. However, we have house guests, and I have work, and it seems a bit intimidating at the time. Not to mention I really want to spin more.

Maybe I should do another New Year’s Dash this year. I had forgotten about it until recently. That might be the way to go! Or maybe I should do an early December dash to get to work on those Christmas presents I haven’t started yet. I just need to get organized. Or motivated. (One of the two.)

I did pull out one of the batts from the Iowa fleece! I just haven’t had a chance to start spinning it. The Walking Wheel calls. DSCN0617

3 Responses to What Next? Swedish?
  1. Mama Mentor
    November 16, 2009 | 3:52 pm

    Sometimes it is very smart to use a marker for each pattern repeat. Like me, for instance. I’m too stupid to do a simple Feather and Fan stitch without getting myself in trouble. So I have a marker after each repeat. That way, you catch a problem within a few stitches instead of noticing it several rows (or inches!) later!

  2. Lina
    November 16, 2009 | 5:23 pm

    Ha, I have still to master the longtail cast on as well. Supposedly there is a formula out there, but normally I just eyeball it, cast on, and decide if I can live with the results. (either too short or too long!)
    Of course you want to spin more, dosen’t everybody?

  3. Rebekah
    November 16, 2009 | 10:11 pm

    Well, even with stitch markers every repeat, the stitches in between tend to act like coat hangers and rabbits. Or hens teeth. Depending on their mood.

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