An Influx of Projects

Alright, I feel a little explanation is in order. After my stunning resolve to not go for more than a week without posting, I promptly up and left for almost thirteen days. The reason? I was in Texas. In Texas with fellow yarn and fiber lovers, running about to various yarn destinations and generally shooting my budget. So, I shall attempt to summarize the many and various things I bought and did.

First off, I took along the indigo-dyed merino and a spinning wheel, hoping to get a bunch more spun. Unfortunately, I didn’t spin quite as much as I’d planned, but I was able to teach a friend to use the wheel, and two others to drop spindle. Now the goal is to finish the indigo merino well before Christmas.


I didn’t spin as much as I had planned because I was working away at my latest pair of socks. The first one is done, and the second is well on its way to the end. I’m now in the “knit until sock measures x length from heel” stage. A little on the boring side, but it needs to be done so I can get to some of the stuff I bought.

And, would you believe it? I forgot to see if my pattern could get translated! I brought it all the way out there and promptly forgot it. Oh well. I’ve got other things in line now. Big things.


Like a cowl made out of this. It’s a mohair blend, and the actual yarn is a lot more navy than it looks in the picture. I thought it would make the perfect “dress up” item for my rather plain sand-colored coat. I’m thinking a simple pattern would be best. Maybe a check or herringbone sort of thing. Nothing too lacy. I got two balls of it, so I should have enough. Possibly more than enough. But that’s okay.

Speaking of more than enough, how about three bags full of alpaca and llama fleece? Or are they all alpaca? I’ve lost track. Two gorgeous shiny black, one cinnamon brown.
Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I’m in fiber heaven, but also project shock. What on earth am I going to do with it all? (Aside from the obvious: Fondle and spin.) Thanks, MamaMentor!

More yarn and fiber to show tomorrow. This was a very fun and productive trip. Not to mention I got to have some of the best African food ever!

2 Responses to An Influx of Projects
  1. Aunt Debbie
    November 5, 2009 | 2:54 pm

    Your socks look wonderful! I have one almost done of my Mercedez Red socks, toe up version. Had to spend several days playing catch up!

  2. Mama Mentor
    November 6, 2009 | 9:56 pm

    The black is llama, and the brown is alpaca. The llama’s name is Izzy. Just in case you’re interested!

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