When Color Thinks For Itself

As yet another fun thing to do, my aunt and I decided to dye some of her blank yarns (purchased from JoAnn Etc. and the Yarn Garden) in various fun shades. The superwash sock yarn (on the left) turned out amazingly well. I love the intensity of the reds. Next to it is a bulky weight single ply that was inspired by fall. It turned out a little less intense, but pretty.

Then there was this yarn. Another two skeins of the bulky weight. Nice? Pretty? I love the jewel-like tones.

But this yarn was supposed to be purple with green and yellow flecks, and a few spots of brown. Do you see purple? Anywhere at all? I see blue, but not purple.
Every so often the carefully mixed dyes decide to separate and become new entities. The “red + blue = purple” combination separated.

So, we had two really good finished colorways and one that was still nice, but unplanned.

Fast forward a couple of days. We decided to dye some more yarn. Two skeins, this time. The DK weight turned out beautifully in pink, chocolate, white, and butterscotch.

The other skein decided to repeat the bulky weight’s quick change act. This was originally intended to be dark gray, light gray, and red. I didn’t have black, so I mixed brown and blue to get the gray tones. Guess what? The brown and blue separated.

Why is it that I’m only having trouble with it on someone else’s yarn? It must be the Bermuda Triangle of dyes. Mixed dyes usually behave just fine! Has anyone else had trouble with mixing colors?

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  1. Mama Mentor
    October 14, 2009 | 6:41 pm

    I have ordered some dye which should be here by the time you arrive. I hope it behaves itself . . .

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