After my sock knitting itch relaxed enough to leave me sane, I wound up going to JoAnn to take a peak at the yarn stuff. Look what came home! Some beautiful black Bamboo and Ewe sock yarn. (Two sixty-gram balls.)


I had the perfect pattern picked out for this. I downloaded it from Ravelry and everything, and then I opened it up and found that it was all in German.

Stunned silence.

Thankfully my sister stepped in and found me a German/English knitting terminology translator thingummy online, and I got to work deciphering the stitches. The pattern is in a chart, but the explanation of the symbols is in German. And things have come to a screeching halt.

I really wanted to make these socks. Really really really. But the pattern has defeated me. At least for now. There’s a possibility that it will be released in an English version sometime in the future. I’m going to stash the yarn away and hope for the best.

2 Responses to Translation
  1. Mama Mentor
    October 10, 2009 | 11:12 am

    You will very shortly be staying in the home of someone who is a native German speaker. And should he be stymied by the knitting terms, his sister, who is also a native German speaker and a knitter, might be able to help via email.

  2. Rebekah
    October 10, 2009 | 8:45 pm

    Oh! Wonderful! I’ll have to print the pattern out and bring it with me.

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