Twice As Blue

I realize you all might get bored with my constant forays into indigo, but this one was so astonishing in proportion that I can’t help blogging about it. I’m used to two, maybe three hours in the kitchen maximum with a pretty small amount of fibers to be dyed. Throw all that out the window and make room for two pounds of roving and an almost six-hour-long indigo run! There’s the mega bag of roving on the kitchen counter.

Yes, things got a little crazy. (The house smelled rather strongly afterward.) But things went pretty well. I had to dig up a five-gallon bucket to be able to keep enough fiber presoaked, and then I strung up a makeshift clothesline inside to give me enough drip-drying space.

All the fiber went through at least once, and some of it twice. Here is what some of it looked like when I finally had to stop due to lack of energy.
I’m planning to do another, smaller indigo run here pretty soon and darken those up. (In the corner of the picture you can see a sneak preview of the Fall collection soon to be released on Etsy!)

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