Round Two

Hello, world! I still exist. :) Last month was absolutely nuts with traveling, housesitting, visitors, and a cold, so I’m just now getting my feet back under me. But before I went off to Colorado for a writers’ conference I got to do another indigo vat!

IndigoLite And if there’s anything scarier than doing a natural dyeing pot, it’s doing it for the second time. Because things can go differently. And this second pot of indigo decided to change whatever could be changed. The indigo didn’t dissolve as nicely, the bloom took longer in forming, and the actual vat decided to get oxygen in it a couple times. I tell you. It was crazy.

Well, it still behaved fairly well. Although it seemed a lot stronger than I’d planned. I wound up with a nice medium chunk of fleece.

And then I pushed the vat to see how dark I could actually get. This wool was . . . I think six or seven dunks. I could have gone longer, but I was worn out. You wouldn’t think standing in the kitchen could get so old after awhile. Indigo

Anyway, I also over-dyed some leftover yarn from my raspberry sweater. This yarn was originally mordanted with alum and dyed with cochineal. You can see its color and the color of a darker, non-mordanted, vinegar-enhanced cochineal skein in this picture. Here they are pre-soaking.


I dunked them into the indigo and got these lovely purples. Over-dyeing is quite fun! I’d love to try for some greens once I get a chance to dye some things with my goldenrod. (Which I wish I’d bought more of.) The picture shows them a bit darker then they actually are.


Then I also did a little sample of merino roving to take to a friend so she could see the range of colors. Dip-dyeing is quite easy in the indigo vat because you only have to hold the fiber up for a minute at a time.

My friend did come and bring her drum carder, and I have some nice pictures of the batts we made. I’ll be getting those up pretty soon.

And, for MaidenYarn news, my blog is now moved to (I have my own domain!) If you type in the old address it will still redirect to the new location.

I’m also getting another Beginner Series ready to go. This one will focus on fleece!

2 Responses to Round Two
  1. Mama Mentor
    September 7, 2009 | 6:08 pm

    Yay! You’re back! It was getting a little discouraging to keep checking here and finding the same old post . . . .
    The overdyed yarn is very pretty!

  2. Rebekah
    September 7, 2009 | 8:03 pm

    It’s good to be back! I’m rediscovering the joys of spinning. It’s almost as good as learning all over again.

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