Drum Carding Madness

During the first week of August I was granted the privilege of having a very good spinning friend come to visit, and she brought her drum carder.

Behold the fruits of our labor.


And, not only did she bring the drum carder, but she brought some more Aussie fur, some llama, and some cotton for me! I was in fiber heaven with a marvelous friend to play with. (Thanks, Legossi!) Here are the cotton batts (the white) and some batts of from the Iowa fleece. They’re nice and fluffy!
The cotton batts were rather fun. Legossi brought lots of cotton from the inside of pill bottles. Some of it carded up really well, and some of it did a really weird sort of disintegrating lump thing. All in all I wound up with five or six of them. I’m eager to see how they spin up.

We did attempt a test to see if running the fibers in tip first, cut end first, or sideways made any difference. (In other words, after hearing that there were so many opinions I was dying of curiosity.) We found that, with this particular drumcarder, cut end first worked best. There didn’t seem to be much difference between tip or cut end first on the carding level. I don’t know how it would look on the spinning level. And we tried sideways and got a big mess.

I absolutely love the way the light indigo dyed wool carded up. The batts are so squishy!

And we re-carded my Lincoln batts. They had gotten a little squashed and tight, so we fluffed them up.

We also got a chance to card some of the llama hair, or fleece. Or whatever you want to call the gorgeous silky stuff that comes off of camelid creatures. The kicker is that this fleece has these wonderful things called guard hairs. They’re coarser hairs that you want to pull out of the soft fiber before carding and spinning. The trouble is that, if you’ve worked up any sort of a fiber appetite, it’s like stopping to thaw the cheesecake before eating. I did a bit of dehairing and decided we should go ahead and card a few batts and I’d mess with the hair later.

The picture is a very odd color—I don’t know what the camera was trying to do, unless it was seeing red—but there is the drum carder and some of the llama fleece. The fleece is a gorgeous reddish-brown.DrumCarderandLlama

With all the fun carding I have come to the conclusion that a drum carder is on my “some time in the very far off future” list to buy. It’s a big enough investment that I wouldn’t want to spend the money on it if it wasn’t going to bring some money back in. I mean, really, it would be like buying three more of my spinning wheels. But I can dream.

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  1. Mama Mentor
    September 7, 2009 | 6:11 pm

    Maybe you can just get Legossi to come visit you and couple of times a year and card like crazy while she’s there!

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