What Color Do You Call That?


I love it when I get to post about dyeing. The pictures are always so colorful!

As I hinted earlier, I did some regular acid dyes while getting the indigo pot ready. The plan was to handpaint the lace weight single in emerald, purple, gold, and blue. Ha ha.

My first mistake was not premixing the colors. I made a yellow, a blue, and a red, thinking I would just paint over the top of each one to create the nice green and purple tones. Believe me, that didn’t work so well.DyedLaceSingle

Especially since I diluted the colors so much it took three or four dabs to make a decent intensity of tone. In short, after messing about with it for awhile, I mixed up the colors I wanted and poured them over yarn in my usual method. Here is the result.

And if anyone can explain to me how pink mixed with lots of sapphire can turn into burgundy, I’d be most obliged. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It went into the pot purple and came out this red. I’m still not even sure if I like the finished color mix. It definitely has character. In fact, it reminds me of some sort of exotic bird. The greens and the red. Well, now I just have to decide if I’m going to use this for a headband after all.

I had some of the mixed dyes left over after doing that tiny skein so I grabbed a pre-soaking yarn and poured them over it. And wound up with this. GreenJacquard
Green green green. This was one occasion in which the dyes were messing with me. Maybe they were jealous of my growing infatuation with the indigo vat.
This is the third of the Iowa fleece triplets. So much for dyeing them all the same color! One light blue, one dark blue, and one vivid greens. Ah well. Variety (and silk) are supposedly the spice of life.

(That bonus picture at the top is a close up of this skein.)

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  1. Sarah
    July 11, 2009 | 1:50 pm

    Ooh, those are beautiful!

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