The Heel Turned

Ta-da! Behold the latest in footwear fashions. (No, the photo is not sideways.) The unique design enhances ankle warmth and circulation while leaving your toes to cool off and wiggle about as they desire. The spikes protect from any little nippy dogs, and the ball of yarn drags along in case you have a sudden knitting urge.

Yes, I’m planning to finish it. And its mate. This one will have some queer little lumps and bumps in it. Things like “repeat rows A and B until x amount remains on the needles” should not be listed after “continue.” What do they think I am? A knitting guru? Ahem. Well, anyway, it seems to be turning out despite the difficulties. I can get it on. And off.

I’m enjoying knitting something that small. I like tiny things. Tiny stitches, tiny needles, tiny yarn. I even have a pattern picked out for the next pair! It’ll be a very special pair due to the fiber choice. (More on that later.)

Here’s something I did with the Iowa fleece during a movie. I had a drop spindling urge and some roving handy, so why not?
Two and half hours on the drop spindle made this little skein of a lace weight single. It does have slubs in it. We’ll pretend they’re in there for interest. I want to dye it in some rich jewel tones and knit it into a hair scarf/bandanna thingummy. I think emerald green and royal purple, with hints of gold, copper, and light blue would be nice.

And here’s the dark Lincoln batts all spun into singles. It came up to one spindle full on the Walking Wheel, and I can’t remember if that was one ounce or two. Anyway, it’s a nice amount. Just very very fuzzy. I think I’ll have to scratch the cowl idea. At least with this yarn. It’s gorgeous stuff. I love the color.


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