Yarn: The Creation 2

Beginner’s Info: Part 6

This is the wheel version of spinning tutorials. You can find the drop spindle one here.

Let’s Go

If you learned on a drop spindle you’ll already have the basics of spinning down. All you’ll have to do is learn to operate the foot pedal while moving your hands.

However, if you decided to go for the big stuff first you’ll want a little more background.

The following videos are helpful for both complete beginners and drop spindlers. It’ll let you get a feel for how a wheel works.

The Videos

This is one from Paradise Fibers. It is the second half of a two-part series on setting up and using a Lendrum wheel. Lots of good things are covered, and you can get a feel for how a single drive band works.

Here’s one that really isn’t that information packed, but it’s a slightly different style of drafting the fibers. Take what you learned from the first video and look at this video with that experience. Things starting to look a bit familiar?

Now, these next two I discovered while stumbling about YouTube trying to find any of the good videos I learned from. Unfortunately the videos I learned from are not turning up, but this one and its sequel are very good. Again, this is a single band wheel. She touches on using home prepared fleece, and how to spin a “balanced” yarn. Also, she calls the piece that attaches the big fly wheel to the treadle “a footman.” I learned that the big posts that hold up the fly wheel are the footmen, but I could very well be wrong.

I can’t seem to find a video that demonstrates the different drafting methods, nor one that shows how things work on a double drive band. I may just have to take things into my own hands and make one!

In the meantime, here’s a text and image tutorial on the main drafting techniques.

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