Soysilk Sonnet

“Oh, I could write a sonnet about my Easter soysilk. . .” Wait a minute. That doesn’t rhyme.

Well too bad for the song because this soysilk is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It’s a bit of a challenge to spin up because it’s clingy like silk, but it falls apart easily. Explain that one. I’ll be holding a chunk of roving and blop—half of it falls to the floor. And the other half sticks to my shirt and jeans. But I learned its wily ways fast!


Here are a few practical tips. When using soysilk:

  • Don’t predraft. It goes all over the place and splits easily.
  • Let it flip around and switch between regular drafting and spinning from the fold. (Or spinning from the tangle. Either works.) This works much better than trying to make it conform to your will.
  • Do not gasp in pleasure while playing with it. Wisps fly around and you could end up inhaling a few. This is a reasoned-out deduction, not an experienced warning.

I plan to use this gorgeous stuff to knit a shawl. Yes, knit. I’m won over. I even have an Unfinished Project! (Which really needs to be finished soon. I’m going to finish it before I start the shawl, though. No laughing, please.) Some of you may remember the tam. Well, I’m about half an inch away from finishing it. The trouble is that half inch is all ribbing. Ho hum.


Anyway, back to the soysilk. I have some special things in mind for it. One of which is a color shift. The white is beautiful. It has the color and “look” of fine wool, but the sheen of silk. Ahhhh. Ahem. Why would I want to change the color? Wait until you hear what I’m going to do it with!


One Response to Soysilk Sonnet
  1. outandin
    June 1, 2009 | 5:25 pm

    That soysilk looks very soft and lustrous. It should make a beautiful shawl! And I can’t wait to see how it looks in indigo!

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