A Long Tail

It’s been over a month in the making and now the last tail is woven in. I present to you, the finished tam! (That’s the “tail” part of the title.)


And here’s the “long.” I finally finished spinning the fall fleece.

What spurred this sudden completion? A new issue of Spin Off arrived and it mentioned a pattern I thought this fleece would look fabulous in. DSCN9425
Trouble is, the pattern is an entrelac. And I’d never even heard of entrelac knitting until earlier this year. It looks rather hard. But fun. Although I don’t know if this yarn will behave enough for such an undertaking. It spun up rather oddly, due to the fact that I had spun two thirds of it, then stopped for a month or so before spinning up the rest. I completely forgot what kind of twist I was giving the singles. Whenever will I learn to not stop halfway through? And it’s a bit of a thick and thin yarn, due to lumps in the drafted fleece and a spinner who hadn’t carded it quite enough.

And, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to make an atrocious pun off of the word “tail” and turn it into a rather fairytale- ish happening that occurred to me this morning. I was happily expounding upon natural dye stuffs to a young friend of mine when she asked me what a pokerberry looked like. After I corrected her pronunciation of “pokeberry” we looked it up online.

Come to find out they have bushes and bushes and bushes of pokeweed in their horse pastures! We rode around for a good ten minutes discovering a veritable jackpot. Is this a dream come true or what? Pokeweeds all over, a Gator or Ranger to ride in, and willing hands to help when the pokeberries come ripe in August. Yahoo!

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  1. outandin
    June 4, 2009 | 6:05 pm

    I have yet to tackle entrelac so I will be interested to see how your adventure goes . . .

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