What IS Beginner's Luck?

I’ve heard the phrase “beginner’s luck” a lot. And I’ve thought I’ve had it several times. But this project is proving something to me. Beginner’s luck should be beginner’s pluck. It’s our drive to try something new and our passion to create that helps things turn out well. Whether on the first try or the hundredth. circularpartial

What brought this sudden rumination on was the apparent desire of my tam to inflict me with every single mistake known in the world of knitting. Which is okay. It gets them all out of the way faster. But if I hadn’t have been so excited about knitting my own hat I would have thrown it out the window long ago.

I’ve had to cast on twice, because we thought I’d twisted the stitches on the first round. I’ve done a few rows over three or four times. I dropped a stitch and didn’t notice until I’d knitted another four rows. (Thank you, sister of mine who can rescue lost stitches.)
I have a yarn over in the wrong spot. I’ve popped multiple stitches off the end of the double points. I’ve knitted the stitch marker into the hat. Twice. I used the wrong k3tog method. The only things I haven’t done yet are break a needle and cut through the hat.


But, despite all the difficulty, the tam has survived and is well into the halfway point. I hope. I think. Definitely halfway in diameter, although when you’re working from the center out that’s not saying much. It’s lots of fun. In fact, I’m enjoying the tiny needles so much, I’m starting to want to tackle socks.

As for an update on selling fibers: It looks like it’s going to happen. I’m planning to open up on Etsy as soon as I can. Currently I’m working on building up inventory and getting the web stuff ready to go. I’m so excited!

2 Responses to What IS Beginner's Luck?
  1. Deborah
    May 4, 2009 | 2:25 pm

    Welcome to the RELAXING world of knitting! Having done EVERYTHING you have had trouble with, welcome to the club!
    Once I learned how to rescue a dropped stitch, my fears went out the window.

    It is scary when a person gets the bug to do sock!!!!!!! I think it is in a category of sock flu virus, can’t remember the name, but once you get it, you are DOOMED.

    love, Aunt Debbie

  2. outandin
    May 4, 2009 | 6:46 pm

    Beginner’s luck is often due to the fact that the beginner plunges ahead without waiting for someone to tell them that what they’re doing is “too advanced” for a beginner. Really, interest and determination count for a lot! And of course, with knitting, it can always be frogged and reknit if you’ve done something really disastrous, so that makes it even easier to be courageous!

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